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King Of The Catch 2015 Winners

Charlie Coppolo

Carp Entry Winner 2015

Votes 858
  • NAME: Charlie Coppolo
  • SPECIES: Mirror Carp
  • WEIGHT: 30lb 8oz
  • Shimano Tribal AR rods, Shimano DL 10000RA reels, 18lb Esp Syncro XT Loaded Line, Atomic Terminal tackle, AM Baits 'Spicy Fishmeal'.


    "Catching the fish in the first place was such an honour and being crowned king of the catch has only made it that much more special to me."


    Known as 'Apple Scale'. After struggling on my first few sessions on a new syndicate, I stripped everything back and just kept everything as simple as possible. Had this fish, and now my current PB, about 2 hours in to the session. I was chuffed to bits to land what is truly one of the jewels of the lake, probably 40 years old, and very rarely caught fish. And for my first fish, I was over the moon!!!

Barry FIsher

Predator Entry Winner 2015

Votes 714
  • NAME: Barry Fisher
  • SPECIES: Eel
  • WEIGHT: 5lb 11oz
  • Korum 2.75 precisions, 15lb mono, JS rig with Roach head for bait.


    "Blown away, I'm going to go run around the village screaming now. Thank you so much!"

Reece Gray

Coarse Entry Winner 2015

Votes 707
  • NAME:Reece Gray
  • SPECIES: Coarse
  • WEIGHT: 13lb
  • Unknown


    "I can't stop smiling, it's my PB and I'm so happy to have been crowned King Of The Catch"


    This is my Son Reece age 8 with his current personal best 13lb. I am entering him into this competition on his behalf. Reece loves fishing, at every oppertunity he and his Dad are down the lake. This photo was taken in Chelmsford, Essex.

Albert Lennox

Sea Entry Winner 2015

Votes 1044
  • NAME:Albert Lennox
  • SPECIES: Tope
  • WEIGHT: 45.1 LLB Irish Specimen weight is 40 LLB
  • 12/20 Shimano travel rod with ShimanoTLD20 REEL,of 65LLB braid on 60LLB wire to mono trace with 8/0 circle hook.


    "Catching this Trope and winning King Of The Catch is the pinnacle of my fishing career. I'm absolutely over the moon!"


    I have fished the Rathmullan Donegal Tope Festival for about 40 of the 49 years that the competition has been running, and on Saturday 30th May I caught the heaviest Tope ever recorded, in the competition, weighing 45.1 LLB caught on a mono and wire trace of 60LLB on a Shimna TLD 20 REEL of 65llb braid.

    This Tope took a whole fresh mackerel, and took about 10 minutes to get it up from about 100 feet deep, and another 10 minutes to get it tailed and onto the boat where the Skipper Trevor Ryder who is also a marine biologist measured the length from nose to fork in the tail 56inches and 23inch girth, and after 2 days fishing this fish was declared the heaviest tope caught , and the previous tope caught just over 40LLB was by a German angler 40 years ago.

    When fishing the same competition 2010 I caught the heaviest fish ever caught in the competition which did not count as it was 125LLB common skate, I now hold the record for the heaviest fish that did not count ,and the record heaviest tope ever caught, only took me 40 years, and I am trying to catch my bucket list before I kick the bucket, and have the record Cod of 28LLB from Belfast lough ,since 1972,and went to Norway to beat that by 20LLB. November last year I caught the heaviest Plaice of 5 LLB 4OZS, this was the heaviest of 6 plaice I caught and the smallest was2LLB 8ozs and two next largest were 4LLB 4OZS.