13 Fishing Baitcast Rod & Reel Bundle

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Reference: F125211142089

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Customize 13 Fishing Baitcast Rod & Reel Bundle
13 Fishing Fate Black Casting Rod, Length: 6ft6, Action: Medium, Casting Weight: 10-30g, Sections: 2   + £59.99
13 Fishing Modus C2 Baitcasting Reel, Size: 6.6:1 Left Hand   + £90.00

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13 Fishing Baitcast Rod & Reel Bundle
13 Fishing Baitcast Rod & Reel Bundle

In stock



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    Key Features

    • Rod
    • PVG30T Graphite Blank
    • Evolve Custom Ported Soft Touch
    • Evolve Tangle-Free Frame Stainless Steel Zirconia Ring Guides
    • Split Grip High Density EVA
    • Evolve Snag-less Hook Keeper
    • Reel
    • HD Aluminum Frame
    • High-Spin Spool Bearings
    • Ported Aluminum Spool
    • Arrowhead Line Guide
    • 6-Way Centrifugal Braking
    • 8 kg Multi-Material Drag System
    • KeepR Integrated Hook Keeper
    • Japanese Hamai Cut Aluminum Drive Gear
    • Dead Stop Anti-Reverse
    • 7 Total Bearings (2 High Spin SS BB + 4 SS BB + 1 Anti-Reverse Bearing)
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    13 Fishing Fate Black Casting Rod

    Crafted With Precision: PVG30T Graphite Blank - The rod’s core is formed with PVG30T Graphite Blank – a material celebrated for its remarkable lightweight characteristics whilst unyieldingly maintaining its robust and durable nature. This grade of graphite promotes heightened sensitivity, allowing the angler to detect the minutest nibbles and movements at the end of the line. Furthermore, the reactive spline of the PVG30T enhances the rod's responsiveness, providing an experience of unparalleled connectedness between the angler and the water.

    Ingenious Design: Evolve Custom Ported Soft Touch - Engineered to maximise comfort and functionality, the Evolve Custom Ported Soft Touch provides an ergonomic grip that substantially reduces fatigue during extended periods of use. The soft touch ported reel seat is not merely a component; it is a thoughtful integration designed to transfer energy efficiently, providing a tangible feel of the underwater action unfolding beneath the surface.

    Optimal Performance: Evolve Tangle-Free Frame & Stainless Steel Zirconia Ring Guides - Navigating through the challenges of casting, the Evolve Tangle-Free Frame and Stainless Steel Zirconia Ring Guides offer an exceptional solution to the age-old problem of line tangling. These guides are meticulously positioned along the rod to facilitate a smooth passage for the line, minimising friction and improving casting accuracy and distance. The Zirconia rings are robust, resisting wear and tear even under the most strenuous conditions, making them ideal for both freshwater and saltwater adventures.

    Comfort & Control: Split Grip High Density EVA - With comfort at the forefront of its design, the Fate Black Casting Rod features a split grip high-density EVA handle. The EVA material is known for its lightness and durability, providing a secure and comfortable grip that allows for precise control and manoeuvrability. This split grip design further contributes to reducing the overall weight of the rod, making it a comfortable companion for those long days by the water.

    Practical Utility: Evolve Snag-less Hook Keeper - A testament to its thoughtful design, the Evolve Snag-less Hook Keeper is integrated to offer a practical solution to managing your hooks when the rod is not in action. This feature prevents unnecessary entanglements and potential damage to your gear or yourself, providing a safe and convenient way to transport and store the rod.

    Sensitivity & Responsiveness: The PVG30T Graphite Blank construction enhances sensitivity and responsiveness, allowing anglers to detect the subtlest of bites with precision.

    Comfortable Handling: With the Evolve Custom Ported Soft Touch and Split Grip High Density EVA, experience comfort like never before during extended use.

    Smooth Casting: The tangle-free guides ensure your line glides smoothly, providing accurate and long-distance casting with ease.

    Durable & Wear-Resistant: Crafted with premium materials, the rod is designed to withstand the rigours of both fresh and saltwater fishing environments.

    13 Fishing Modus C2 Baitcasting Reel

    13 Fishing Modus C2 Baitcasting Reel stands as a testament to quality engineering tailored for the discerning angler in the UK. Renowned for its unyielding performance, the reel boasts of substantial features that not only enhance your fishing experience but also provide unmatched reliability during those crucial fishing moments.

    The core of the Modus C2 is its HD Aluminum Frame. This robust frame grants the reel unparalleled rigidity and strength, which is essential when battling larger fish. The high-density aluminium construction ensures that the reel can withstand substantial loads, offering a steadfast performance irrespective of the fishing conditions. This durability does not come at the expense of the reel's weight, maintaining a lightweight profile for ease of use and comfort during extended angling sessions.

    Precision is a cornerstone of the 13 Fishing Modus C2 with its incorporation of High-Spin Spool Bearings. These specialised bearings facilitate smoother casts and retrieves, significantly reducing the effort required on your part. The reel's responsiveness is further elevated with the Ported Aluminum Spool, designed meticulously to accommodate various line types and weights, offering versatility to anglers who wish to switch between different fishing styles and targets seamlessly.

    Guiding your line with accuracy, the Arrowhead Line Guide system employed by the Modus C2 efficiently prevents line snags and tangles. This thoughtful feature ensures that your line is laid out precisely on the spool, providing smoother casting while enhancing line retrieval speed and accuracy.

    Delivering a controlled performance is the 6-Way Centrifugal Braking system. This technology allows anglers to adjust the reel's braking force with precision, accommodating different lure weights and wind conditions. Whether you are casting into the wind or aiming for that distant hotspot, this braking system provides the control needed for accurate and hassle-free casting.

    With a formidable 8 kg Multi-Material Drag System, the Modus C2 offers consistent drag pressure. This is crucial when reeling in those stubborn fish that resist, providing a smooth yet forceful drag that subdues your catch without risking line breaks.

    For anglers who appreciate the attention to detail, the KeepR Integrated Hook Keeper is a handy addition. This feature provides a convenient and safe spot to secure your hook or lure when not in use, reducing the risks of accidents and snags during transportation or while navigating through vegetation.

    Underpinning the reel's operation is the Japanese Hamai Cut Aluminum Drive Gear. This gear is meticulously crafted to exacting standards, providing a seamless interaction between the various components of the reel. Its precision-cut design ensures efficient power transfer and longevity, even under the strain of heavy use.

    An essential component for any reliable reel, the Dead Stop Anti-Reverse bearing eliminates backward handle movement, allowing for instantaneous hook sets. Complemented by seven total bearings, including two High Spin SS BB, four SS BB, and one Anti-Reverse Bearing, the Modus C2 ensures a fluid performance that experienced anglers can rely on.

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