AD Get Fishing Sea Pack 1


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Tronixpro Axia Beachcaster Rod, Length: 12ft, Casting Weight: 4-7oz, Sections: 2   + £23.99
Tronixpro Axia Fixed Spool Reel With Line, Size: 7000, Line: 15lb   + £13.99
Tronixpro Xenon Leader, Breaking Strain: 60lb, Diameter: 0.70mm, Length: 100m   + £5.49
Tronixpro 2 Hook Flapper Rig, Size: 1   + £1.52

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AD Get Fishing Sea Pack 1
AD Get Fishing Sea Pack 1

In stock



    Tronixpro Axia Beachcaster Rod,

    Two rods designed for beach fishing available in both a two-piece and a three-piece configuration. Ideal for the occasional angler or as a good quality and performing rod for the newcomer to beach fishing. Designed for fishing in general beach fishing situations on clean beaches and amongst mixed ground when targeting all manner of species from whiting and flatties to cod and bass. Each rod has an easy to cast action and is lightweight with a sensitive tip for bite indication and rung with quality guides.

    Tronixpro Axia Fixed Spool Reel With Line,

    A range of reels which come in three sizes and are already spooled with our own 15lb Axia monofilament line, so they are ready to fish with out of the box. They come in the most popular sizes designed to suit a wide range of fishing situations from spinning to beach and pier fishing. These are the perfect reels for occasional anglers or beginners to begin their sea fishing career. They pair up well with our Axia range of Beach and Pier rods and will match up well with any rods from 9ft through to 12ft. Each reel is made from graphite, which is corrosion resistant and a powerful drag designed to put the brakes on fast running fish.

    Tronixpro Xenon Leader,

    A fairly hard leader material with incredible abrasion resistance. Ideal if you’re fishing amongst snags, boulders and over rough ground. The material is low stretch which helps to transfer power from the lead during the cast to load the rod better. This low stretch property also makes it excellent for creating rig bodies too. An advanced copolymer structure enhances the lines knotting potential, unlike other leaders and rig body any heat produced when bedding down knots won’t affect the structure of the knot or line. While some other lines produce slight kinks near to where knots have been tied, this line does not.

    TronixPro 2 Hook Flapper Rig,

    A simple rig that features two hook snoods coming off the main rig body. Two hooked rigs are fantastic at fishing both at close range and at long range, in their clipped versions. Two hook rigs give the angler the ability fish at different depths of the water column with one bait close to the seabed and one higher, or both on the sea bed when fished with a slack line. Two hook rigs also allow the angler to fish two different baits when hunting for a variety of species. Our two hook rigs are available either as a flapper or as a clipped down version for distance casting. The clipped down version comes with a rig spring below the top hook snood to eliminate hook length stretch and to keep snoods tight.


    Tronixpro Axia Front Opening Tackle Box,

    Fantastic box for the angler who wants to be organised and take plenty of kit with them, or, the angler who likes to be organised with their kit at home. This tackle box opens from the front to reveal three, good quality, removable component boxes with dividers. These component boxes are great for storing all the terminal tackle items and accessories an angler would need from hooks and beads through to tools and bait elastic. The top of the box is separated off, giving a compartment that can be used for storing close to hand items or items that are too big to fit into the component boxes. The box is finished off with a strong handle for carrying between marks or to the boat.

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