Advanta Discovery CCX 12ft Padded Rod Fishing Sleeve

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Key Features

  • New 900 x 600 Ultra tough polyester DPM fabric
  • Heavy duty zips fitted throughout
  • Heavily padded for maximum rod and reel protection
  • Heavy duty zip and grab handle
  • Can be used singly or clipped into CCX 5 Rod Quiver system
  • Designed for rods up to a maximum of 12ft in length
  • Dimensions: 195cm L x 29cm W x 2.5cm D

 Advanta is Angling Direct’s dynamic, innovative brand, which combines a passion for the angling journey with a desire to ensure that UK anglers set a global standard for responsible, sustainable angling, and exemplary fish care.  This blend of passion and concern comes together to create the perfect range of fishing tackle, angling accessories, and bankside essentials, ensuring that your angling experience is as stress-free and enjoyable for the fish as it is for you. The more fish that are released in prime condition, healthy and vigorous enough to swim off in style, the more anglers get to enjoy the challenge of pursuing them, and the more angling’s profile and reputation is raised in the wider community, ensuring continued support of a sport that, at its core, has a truly universal appeal, and is genuinely open to everyone.

While other brands focus on creating rod sleeves that only offer real protection to your rods, Angling Direct know, from the personal experience of the many keen anglers across the company, that your reelis just as important as your rod, and, potentially, more easily damaged in transit. And if your reel’s not running, you won’t be getting much fishing done, no matter how sound your rod is. Ultra-tough, and fully padded, this rod sleeve from Advanta gives you the advantage of equivalent protection for your reel as your rod enjoys, ensuring that both rod and reel reach the bank in prime condition, so you’re ready to rig up, cast out, and get fishing.

Made from lightweight DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material) neoprene, this waterproof rod sleeve offers complete protection to your angling gear without weighing you down, whether you’re walking the bank or barrowing to a promising swim. Heavy duty zips throughout the rod sleeve give fully secure fastening while allowing easy access, even when your rod sleeve is slick with rain, and your fingers are numb, and clumsy from cold.  Whether you’re just heading out for a short, opportunistic session, and will only need the one rod in a single sleeve, or you’re packed and ready to go for a longer session, and want to add another rod to your Advanta CCX 5 Rod Quiver, this lightweight, strikingly presented rod sleeve is flexible enough to accommodate every angling need, and versatile enough for any angling set up. However you plan to get to the bank, the Advanta Discovery CCX 12ft Padded Rod Sleeve is perfect for you, your angling needs, and your fishing style. 

The Advanta range is full of stylish products that combine form and function, giving you the opportunity to look good on the bank, while your fishing silences any critics. Putting you well ahead of other anglers on the bank and in the swim, your angling really does get a boast when you buy yourself the Advanta advantage, and the benefits of quality, affordable angling equipment and accessories that are ideal for the novice angler, and great for more experienced anglers to keep in the car, caravan, or holiday home ready to take advantage of unexpected fishing potential, whether that comes in the form of a promising new swim glimpsed from the car as you’re driving around, or simply waking up to truly fantastic fishing weather.

If you’re looking for effective, lightweight protection for both rod and reel, pick up this affordable, camouflage design single rod sleeve, and bring the Advanta advantage to your angling lifestyle, whatever discipline you’re involved with, and whatever species you hope to catch when you head out.

Letting you look your best on the bank, while ensuring your rod and reel are ready to enable a stand-out performance in the swim, the Advanta Discovery CCX 12ft Padded Rod Sleeve is the perfect way to transport your rod and reel to your favourite venue.


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