Advanta Discovery CCX Tip and Butt Protectors

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Key Features

  • New lightweight DPM fabric
  • Heavy neoprene construction
  • Twin design for tip and butt sections
  • Suitable for all butt guides up to 50mm
  • Strong Velcro webbing straps for secure fitting
  • Dimensions: 25cm L x 7cm W

Rod protectors are used to ensure that the tip and butt sections of your rods are protected from damage in transit, or while being stored – because the last thing you want, when the weather’s perfect for carp, is to get to the bank and find that your rods are scratched or nicked. When you’re relying on precision casting ability, even seemingly insignificant things can impact on your performance, sending your cast just slightly off, or changing the way the rod feels and plays in your hands.  Using rod protectors gives your rods added protection in a sleeve or rod holdall, and is an ideal way for roving anglers to keep their rods in good condition during a long stalk.

The premier brand from one of the UK’s most popular fishing retailers, Angling Direct, Advanta is designed with the entry-level carp angler in mind, although all Advanta products would also suit more experienced anglers of other disciplines. With a focus on affordable quality, Advanta brings a passion for all types and styles of fishing into everything it does, creating a range of products that are stylish, functional, and provide high bankside performance at a competitive price, giving everyone, whatever their background or budget, the opportunity to get involved with this fulfilling, enlivening, highly social sport, and experience the wonders of Britain’s lakes, rivers, and oceans for themselves.

With a range of dedicated predator and specialist carp rods, and a commitment to always bringing you the best in accessible bankside performance, Advanta is a dynamic brand with an intense focus, a winning combination that comes together perfectly to create angling tackle and accessories that look good and perform well over any water, and on any bankside, giving you and your angling the Advanta advantage, and ensuring that you stand out for all the right reasons, whether you’re fishing for carp by a secluded woodland lake, or hunting pike along an urban canal, with the hustle and bustle of the city going on around you.  And, when you have rods as good as those Advanta can offer, you want to give them complete protection, and ensure they look good, and perform well, for many sessions to come.  That’s where these tip and butt protectors come into their own.

Created from heavy duty neoprene for complete flexibility, stretch, and water resistance, and overlaid with a striking DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material) fabric that will draw admiration and attention on both urban and rural banks, these rod protectors come in a twin design pack, giving you complete, secure protection for both the tip and butt sections of your rods. Suitable for all butt guides up to 50mm, the Advanta Discovery Tip and Butt Protectors are the essential angling accessory, whatever your discipline, and would make an ideal gift for the angler in your life, at any time of year. The Discovery Protectors feature strong Velcro and webbing straps, giving your rods the ultimate protection.

Carp fishing is a discipline that is as rewarding as it is challenging, and one that can take you to some truly stunning locations.  However, it’s not all bucolic rural lakesides; some of the best carp swims are heavily gravelled, while others can only be accessed through a hard-scrabble journey across rugged, rock-strewn terrain.  Frequently, the best banksides are heavily overhung, with several protruding branches that are just waiting to scratch and snag your rods as you head down to the swim. These conditions, hazards, and challenges mean that keeping your rods fully protected becomes vitally important if you want to ensure that your tackle is in prime fishing condition session after session.

At Angling Direct, we don’t just sell fishing products; we sell engagement, education, and involvement in the UK’s largest participation sport, along with our trademark passion, knowledge, and experience that ensures you become the very best angler you can be.

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