Advanta Discovery CSX 1.1L HE Aluminium Kettle

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Key Features

  • Kettle weight: 210g / 7.5oz
  • Material: aluminium alloy, copper alloy &stainless steel
  • Capacity: 1.1L
  • Size: 150mm D x 89mm H

Advanta Discovery CSX 1.1L HE Aluminium Kettle

There’s nothing like a nice hot drink on a cold day at the bank to brighten your spirits – particularly if you’re faced with the prospect of a blank. Not only does it warm you from the inside out, ensuring that you feel comfortable on the bank, but it also helps to lift your mood. A cup of tea or coffee is one of the simplest things you can make on the bank, too, as it requires minimal equipment and washing up. All you need is a stove with gas, a kettle, and your mug.

This Advanta Discovery CSX 1.1l HE Aluminium Kettle is the perfect kettle for the average angler. Manufactured from a mix of aluminium alloy, copper alloy, and stainless steel, this is a heavy duty kettle which will easily last a lifetime on the bank. As the name suggests, the kettle can hold an impressive 1.1l of water. This is ideal for two cups of tea – with a little left over – and it is also ideal for rehydrating dried meals, such as pot noodles, super noodles, and other similar products. This ensures that you can cater for yourself and a friend on the bank. When empty, the kettle weighs in at a mere 210g. This is only 7.5oz and this kettle is a feather weight compared to other similarly sized alternatives on the market. This ensures that you won’t have any trouble transporting this kettle down to the bank and it won’t weigh down your tackle bag or barrow. In fact, to further aid transportation, this kettle has a compact folding handle. You can simply slot this kettle into your luggage to transport it easily between boot and bank.

One of the most exciting features of the Advanta Discovery CSX 1.1l HE Aluminium Kettle is its convection base. Modelled on a typhoon, this convection base transfers heat in a superior manner to the traditional flat bottom. In fact, this base actually speeds up cooking time by up to 30%, ensuring that your stove system is more economical and that you don’t have to re-invest in new gas cylinders every time you head down to the lake. This is the perfect addition to any anglers cooking equipment collection and it is ideal for anglers across the carp fishing discipline – whether you’re headed down to the lake for a day session or you’re going to be spending longer on the water.

Advanta was established in 2011 after the brains behind the brand realised that tackle shops were unable to source essential core tackle items year round. Available exclusively to Angling Direct, the brand is committed to designing practical and innovative tackle items which really do make all the difference on the bank and you’ll never feel let down or disappointed by an Advanta product. What’s more, Advanta designs all its gear with value for money in mind. This means that anglers on all budgets are able to experience the joy of fishing with top quality tackle. Whether you’re a novice angler or a life long fanatic, you’ll always be able to find the ideal product in your price range that will make that key difference to your life on the bank.

The Advanta range is vast and is covers anglers across the disciplines. Whether you’re interested in saltwater angling or you prefer the joy of freshwater species, you’ll find a whole host of tackle that is perfect for your needs. The brand manufactures all the gear you could want, from rods and reels right through to bivvies and other bankside essentials. The range is growing year on year, too, so make sure you visit the Advanta page regularly to see all the new exciting products in stock.

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