Advanta Discovery CX 1.1L Aluminium Fishing Kettle

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Key Features

  • Stove weight: 170g / 6oz
  • Material: Anodised aluminium alloy
  • Folded size: 152mm D X 79mm H (approx.)
  • Unfolded Size: 152mm D x 140mm H (approx.)

It’s cold, wet, and the wind’s got a bite like a Rottweiler.  The swim’s over a mile from the car park, you’re tired, and you’ve been blanking all day, even though you know you’re fishing with the right tackle and bait for the conditions, and you know there’s fish to be had.  Time to go home?

Absolutely not! Every angler knows that twenty minutes after you’ve loaded up the car, all those fish that had gone completely ghost for the entire duration of your session suddenly start to come out of hiding – and taking other peoples’ bait.

Rather than packing up and heading for home, take that perennial favourite of British advice, and pop the kettle on. When you’re cold, wet, and fed up, nothing works quite as well as enjoying a cup of something hot, wet, and reviving.  As your body warms up, your mind relaxes, and you start to feel that all is not necessarily lost.  One more cast. One more offering of groundbait. One more hour.  One more cuppa.

The avid anglers behind the Advanta brand, brought to you by the UK’s premier fishing retailer, Angling Direct, are all too familiar both with seemingly senseless disappointment, and with the revitalising properties of hot drinks, and that familiarity, along with a lot of design expertise, has been poured into this 1.1litre kettle from the Discovery range, the perfect addition to Advanta’s collection of handy bankside cooking equipment.  From hot chocolate to hot dinners, you can do it all, effortlessly, wherever today’s swim happens to be, and benefit from the angling advantage Advanta affords.

Produced from anodised aluminium alloy and stainless steel, this is a hard wearing, heavy duty kettle that is robust enough to withstand the rough and tumble of bank life, whilst being light enough, at 170g, to be tossed into a day pack for a warming conclusion to a short session, or added to a fully loaded barrow without causing any problems if you’re heading off for a weekend’s carp fishing, and want to make the bank a true home from home.  1.1litres may not sound a lot, but it equates to three decent cuppas from one kettle – ideal for keeping you going during a long solo session, and great if you’re just spending a couple of hours by the water with friends or family.

Established in 2011, Advanta are constantly improving and developing their range of angling accessories, and always looking for new ways they can meet the needs of the angling community.  The Discovery CX 1.1L kettle is one of the simpler solutions to the trials of fishing life that Advanta offer, and provides a quick, simple, enthusiasm-restoring way to keep both your body temperature and your spirits up, whatever the weather, and however frustrating your session is proving.

With a full range of carp angling products available at affordable prices and superior quality, Advanta has everything you’ll need for an enjoyable, comfortable sessions, whether you’re catching or blanking. Browse our range of Advanta products, and make the most of every carp session, wherever you’re fishing, and whatever the weather.

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