Advanta Endurance LS Bivvy XL Overwrap

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Key Features

  • A great addition to the Endurance LS Bivvy XL, helping to eradicate condensation and increase the internal space
  • Made from 10,000HH, 210D polyester with taped seams
  • Reinforced pegging points with two height settings on the front panels
  • Front, side and rear mozzi vents for full ventilation
  • 2-Way ‘letterbox’ style door system
  • Two door panel options supplied: green or mozzi (the clear window from the bivvy also fits the overwrap)
  • Velcro rod retaining straps
  • Complete with an oversized, zip top, carry case
  • Supplied with heavy duty T-pegs
  • Dims: 160cm H x 295cm W x 330cm D
  • Weight: 4.4kg

Condensation inside tents and bivvies can be a problem and is caused when the air temperature in the shelter becomes humid from people, bivvy heaters and a general lack of ventilation. As cosy as a warm bivvy may be in cooler climates when the warm air inside the bivvy hits the cool fabric of the shelter, the moisture condenses into a liquid form which can be a problem in the long term and lead to mould.

Fishing shelters such as the Advanta Endurance LS Bivvy come with a host of features but some anglers or struggle with condensation inside your bivvy or battling with a lack of space with all their tackle luggage may need some extra help!

A solution to this problem is to upgrade your shelter. A bivvy overwrap is great for eradicating condensation whilst simultaneously increasing the internal space for all your fishing gear to 160cm Height, 295cm Width and 330cm Depth. This Advanta overwrap is the perfect fit to the Endurance LS Bivvy XL which is a 2-man shelter.

A great addition to your Advanta LS Bivvy XL, the overwrap is made from 10,000HH, 210D polyester with taped seams so it is weatherproof to the downpours you may face at the bank. To further assist with the issue of humid air and condensation inside your bivvy, the overwrap uses front, side and rear mozzi vents for full ventilation. This lets cool air in whilst keeping bug pests out of your shelter.

Keeping with the options that the Endurance LS Bivvy XL offers, the overwrap sports a 2-Way ‘letterbox’ style door system as well as two-door panel choices of green or mozzi but the clear window from the Advanta bivvy also fits this overwrap so you can still keep an eye on your peg.

The Endurance Bivvy features reinforced pegging points with two height settings on the front panels so that you can securely fit your bivvy set up into your chosen swim as well as angle the front panels to allow rainfall to fall out of your way.

Adding an overwrap does not mean you lose the great features of the bivvy as the Velcro rod retaining straps have also been added to the exterior of the wrap, making resting the rods on the side of the shelter easy.

Complete with an oversized, zip-top, carry case and supplied with heavy-duty T-pegs, the overwrap weighs just 4.4kg and is an easy addition to the fishing barrow to ensure you of the best fishing experience possible.

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