Advanta GS Trout Net

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Key Features

  • Compact black framed net
  • Rubber mesh to eliminate snagged hooks
  • Elasticated lanyard for safe use
  • Perfect for the game and micro lure angler
  • Dimensions: 31cm W x 61cm L

Brought to you by Advanta, a dynamic brand that specialises in creating affordable, durable angling equipment that provides an affordable, reliable option for the entry level angler buying their first kit, the GS Trout Net would also be a good travel option for the more experienced angler looking to create a holiday kit, and not wanting to spend too much on tackle that might only get used two or three times a year. 

Backed by Angling Direct, one of the UK’s most popular angling retailers, Advanta delivers affordable quality that is ideal for any angler, whatever your discipline or style, and wherever you prefer to fish.

Whatever and wherever you’re fishing, a quality landing net is one of the most important items in your angling arsenal. The more quickly and smoothly you can get your fish from bite to bank, and the stronger the handle and spreader block on your landing net, the better.  Shorter, smoother bring-ins result in fish that are less stressed, and which recover better when they’re returned to the water, while strength through a landing net’s spreader block and handle ensure you won’t end up inadvertently dumping your prize catch before you can get it to the bank – or, even worse, dropping a delicate, easily-stressed fish onto a rough, gravelly bankside, where it can easily damage itself.

When you’re bringing in a strong, lively fish, particularly if it’s hooked on one hook of a treble, you can sometimes end up with the hook catching in the mesh of your landing net as the fish tries to throw it.  Not only does this put the fish under more stress, making it harder for it to recover quickly once it’s been returned to the water, it will also potentially result in you having to purchase a replacement landing net, as a mended net won’t have the same strength, and certainly won’t be as gentle on the fish.  With a rubber mesh, this landing net is safe from hook-mishaps, while the elasticated lanyard ensures it can be used safely, whether you’re fishing for trout, or going after small specimen fish, which you’re targeting on a micro lure. The compact, black framed design makes this landing net striking to look at, and easy to transport – ideal for any bankside setting.

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