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  • Three quality products from the Advanta match range
  • Match trolley, flatback brolly and pole roller
  • Angling Direct cap and mug also included

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Advanta X5 Match Barrow 

Whether you’re an avid match angler looking to update your collection or you’re a novice to the sport who wants the essential accessories in one convenient package then you need look no further. The Advanta Match Combo has all the extra match fishing tackle that you might need to enjoy a session on the bank and it is ideal for the angler who wants to be out on the bank year-round in order to experience the very best of the competition. The Advanta Match Combo comes supplied with three top quality Advanta match fishing essentials, as well as two bonus Angling Direct products to keep you comfortable on the bank.

The first of the products in the range is the Advanta X5 Match Barrow. X5 is Advanta’s dedicated match fishing range and the brand noticed that although there were lots of barrows available for the carp angler there were hardly any comprehensive barrow systems for the match angler. This barrow has been designed to rectify this, providing you with ample storage for both your seat box and a range of other match fishing essentials. Transporting your gear to and from the bank has never been easier than with this Advanta X5 Match Barrow and it ensures that you always arrive on the bank fresh and ready to go – with all your gear in one easily accessible location. The barrow is easy to push thanks to its large wheels, allowing you to barrow over even the most adverse bankside terrains in order to get to you peg hassle-free. The rear of the barrow features a bait storage bag, which is also ideal for the storage of any extra items that you might require on the bank, and the front section of the barrow is broad enough to comfortably house your fully loaded seat box.

The second product in the combination set is the Advanta Flatback Brolly. This is a large and broad brolly which has been designed to perfectly shelter both you and all your gear from the elements. Whether you’re looking for some shade from the blazing midday sun or you’re after a barrier between you and the driving rain, the Advanta Flat Back is the perfect solution for you. With an adjustable pole length, you can modify this pole based on the conditions on the bank as well as your own height. This ensures that you always get the protection that you need. The rear of the brolly is totally flat, too – as the name suggests. Fitted with multiple pegging points, this can be pegged down to the ground for a low profile setup which is ideal when you’re match fishing with a rod and reel rather than on a seat box with a pole.

The final Advanta product in the combination is the Advanta X5 V Pole Roller. You’re able to choose between two different sizes of this roller, to ensure that you get the perfect finished set up for your needs. The medium size of the roller is 25cm broad, which is ideal for use when you’re pole fishing at an intermediate distance. The large size of the roller is 35cm. This is perfect if you’re fishing at a greater distance as it allows you to set the roller far away from your seat box whilst still giving you a large target to aim for when you’re shipping. Both of the rollers in the range feature hyper-glide technology and have been manufactured from super smooth EVA.

To finish the Advanta Match Combo, it also comes supplied with a black Angling Direct Baseball Cap and an Angling Direct Mug. With this combination pack, you really can be bank-ready in mere moments!

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