Advanta Protector Beach Shelter + FREE Advanta Sea Rod Holdall


Key Features

  • FREE Advanta Sea Rod Holdall worth £19.99!
  • --Advanta Protector Beach Shelter--
  • Completely windproof and waterproof
  • Folds down for easy transport
  • Offers a large amount of space
  • Extended skirt
  • Incredible stability & protection
  • Sturdy, lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Wide front for quick entry and exit
  • Supplied with a bag
  • Dimensions: 230cm x 130cm x 140cm
  • --Advanta Sea Rod Holdall--
  • Manufactured from highly durable materials
  • Large beach rest/umbrella pocket
  • Protects your rods whilst in transit
  • Black & grey colouring with red top
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • 6ft 9inch Holdall

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Advanta Protector Beach Shelter + FREE Advanta Sea Rod Holdall Advanta Protector Beach Shelter, If you’re looking for a top quality beach shelter for all your surf fishing needs then you can’t go wrong with this offering from Advanta. This is a brand that was established after a need was identified to supply essential items to anglers year-round and, with that in mind, this Protector Beach Shelter was one of the very first products off the production line. It also forms part of the impressive Protector range, a collection which is dedicated to ensuring that you’re warm, dry, and sheltered from the very worst of the elements – no matter which of the disciplines you turn your hand to. The Advanta Protector Beach Shelter comes in classic Advanta red, ensuring that you’re never at risk of loosing it on the beach! Manufactured from top quality fabric which is both waterproof and windproof, this is one shelter which is practically guaranteed to keep you warm and dry in the most miserable of coastal sea fishing conditions. The Advanta Protector Beach is also a deep shelter, meaning that you can sit far back into it in order to obtain maximum protection from the elements. Not only this but, the shelter is also wide. In fact, it has been designed in order to allow two anglers to sit on chairs or seat boxes comfortably, side by side, keeping a weather eye on their rod tips for any kind of action. With dimensions of 230cm x 130cm x 140cm, you can be confident that you, your companion, and all your gear will fit snugly under the shelter. One of the biggest benefits of the Advanta Protector Beach Shelter is its almost virtually flat top. This is vital for the angler who wants to enjoy maximum protection from the elements whilst still being able to keep their eye on both their rod tips and the water – allowing them to respond quickly and accurately to any indication. Another huge benefit of the Advanta Protector Beach Shelter is evident as soon as you erect it: it boasts a huge extended skirt. This runs around the three sides of the shelter and it ensures that you’re able to weigh it down in the worst conditions. Either by burying the skirt in the sand or by placing large rocks and stone over the skirt, you can ensure that your sea fishing shelter isn’t going anywhere – even when the win picks up. This is an extremely stable shelter solution which is ideal for use on both shingle and sand, allowing you to target all the very best beaches that the UK’s coastline has to offer. As well as being high performing, spacious, and stable, the Advanta Protector Beach Shelter also offers a small pack down size. It folds down neatly allowing you to easily transport it between your boot and the beach, ensuring that you can enjoy a compact and condensed angling setup. It even comes with its own carry bag, making transit even easier. Advanta Sea Rod Holdall, For the angler who likes to head to the UK’s coastline for your sport then you’ll know how pressing the problem of rod transportation is. Nine times out of 10, sea fishing rods are considerably longer than traditional freshwater rods and transporting them to and from your post on the beach can be nothing short of a nightmare. Luckily, this is where the team at Advanta has stepped in. The team boasts a large number of seasoned saltwater specialists in its ranks who wanted to ensure that all sea anglers would be able to transport their rods down to the beach with ease. The Advanta Sea Rod Holdall does just that, giving beach anglers the ability to transport their longer rods down to the water’s edge – along with a whole host of other sea fishing gear. The Advanta Sea Rod Holdall has been manufactured from highly durable materials. This kind of durability of construction is important for all rod holdalls; however, it is especially important for tackle which is going to be used near saltwater. Saltwater boasts uniquely corrosive properties, as coarse salt granules which are dissolved in the water are left behind as the water evaporates, meaning that the wear and tear experienced by products used by the sea is significantly greater than those products used in freshwater applications. The Advanta Sea Rod Holdall is 6ft 9inches in length, which ensures that is the perfect length for the average two-section beach rod. This length also means that it is ideal for even the longest three-section rods, ensuring that you can target the water in whichever manner you desire in order to get the most from your time at the beach. At this length, this holdall is also ideal for the transportation of the longest, distance casting carp fishing rods, too, making it the ideal multi-discipline luggage solution for the angler who likes to experiment with styles. However, the ability to transport long rods isn’t the only benefit of this Sea Rod Holdall. It also comes fitted with a large beach rest/umbrella pocket. This enables you to take your rod rest, shelter, and any other long or thin tackle items down to the water’s edge at the same time that you transport your rods, ensuring that you can minimise the number of journeys that you need to make between shore and boot. The holdall has been fitted with a padded shoulder strap. This allows you to comfortably transport your rods and other gear down to the water’s whilst leaving your hands free for your bait and any other tackle items that you might need. The Advanta Sea Rod Holdall is grey in colour, with black detailing, and it has a vivid red top. This is in perfect coordination with the existing Advanta sea fishing range, which features vivid red detailing throughout, and it is an excellent addition to the growing range. If you’re looking for an easy and durable way to transport your rods and other sea fishing tackle down to the bank then you need look no further – this Advanta Sea Rod Holdall is the perfect sea fishing luggage solution for you.

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