Advanta Rod Holdall 3 Rod + FREE Advanta Carryall


Key Features

  • FREE Advanta Carryall worth £29.99!
  • --Advanta Rod Holdall 3 Rod--
  • Manufactured from highly durable materials
  • Spacious to accommodate 3 rods with reels & 2 spare rods
  • Also great for transporting landing net and bank sticks
  • 2 external pockets
  • Padded shoulder strap and carry handle
  • Length: 195cm
  • --Advanta Carryall--
  • Manufactured from highly durable materials
  • Large capacity carryall
  • Large main inner compartment
  • Four external pockets
  • Adjustable, padded carry strap

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Advanta Rod Holdall 3 Rod + FREE Advanta Carryall Advanta Rod Holdall 3 Rod, Your rods must be some of the most important pieces of kit in your tackle collection and it is safe to say that without a set of top quality rods you’re going to be pretty stumped on the bank. This is why Advanta has designed a top quality rod holdall which allows you to bring all the rods you could need down to the bank safely, easily, and in one neat package! The Advanta Three Rod Holdall is the perfect carp fishing luggage solution for the angler who wants to take a full range of tackle items down to the bank in one go – minimising the number of trips that you need to take between your boot and the bank at either end of your angling session. It is an exceptionally spacious bag which can comfortably accommodate three carp rods, which have been made-up with reels. This makes it the ideal holdall for the angler who likes to fish with a three rod setup, as it ensures that you don’t have to spend additional time on the bank setting up your gear. However, this is just the beginning when it comes to this holdall’s rod bearing capacity. It can also accommodate two spare rods, making this the ideal holdall for your longer carp fishing sessions when you want to be able to respond effectively to any changing conditions. This additional rod capacity also means that this holdall would be perfect for the mobile angler who wants to be versatile in their approach on the bank, as it allows you to bring multiple rod options down to the water with you. Each of the rods in your holdall can be separated via the use of padded leaves in the main body of the holdall, ensuring that the rods are never at risk of damaging each other in storage or in transit. You might think that this would bring to the end of the Advanta Three Rod Holdall’s capacity. Conversely, this is only the beginning. The holdall also boasts two external pockets, giving you ample space to store a whole range of other tackle items. This includes the likes of your landing net or your rod support system. With this additional storage capability, you can bring your entire collection of long and thin tackle items down to the bank with you in one go, ensuring that you can maximise the amount of time you spend on the bank fishing and reducing the number of trips you have to make between your boot and the bank. This also makes this holdall perfect for use for the mobile angler who likes to fish with multiple rods, as it ensures that you can bring all the gear you need in one go. The Advanta Three Rod Holdall has been fitted with a padded shoulder strap, which allows for the comfortable and hands-free transportation of your gear. It also comes fitted with an additional carry handle. This makes manoeuvring your gear both on the bank and in the boot of your car easier, allowing you to position your holdall with precision. This holdall is 195cm in length, which is a little over 6ft, so it is ideal for the storage and transportation of all your 12ft carp fishing rods. It goes without saying that, as Advanta product, this holdall has been manufactured to the highest standards using the most durable materials – so it will stand up to the usual wear and tear that you would expect to encounter as a dedicated carp angler. If you’re looking for a spacious and high quality tackle storage and transportation solution for your collection of carp rods then you need look no further than the Advanta Three Rod Holdall. Advanta Carryall, Having the ability to carry all your tackle down to the bank in one go is a benefit which really cannot be overstated. Not only does it allow you to get on the bank and fishing quicker – minimising the number of journeys between boot and bank – but it also ensures that you’ve always got all your gear exactly where you need it. This is as true for your mobile days as it is for your long carp fishing sessions, which is why the team at Advanta has worked hard to create this premier quality Carryall. Offering you copious space to keep a whole variety of tackle, this Advanta Carryall allows you to carry all your gear down to the bank in one easy trip. Manufactured from highly durable material, this is a large capacity carryall which can hold a host of different angling essentials. Whether you’re looking for the space to store a spare change of clothes, you want to keep all your cooking equipment together, or you’re after somewhere to store all your tackle boxes and rig wallets, the Advanta Carryall is ideal for you. It comes with one main inner compartment, which is huge and designed for the storage of all your larger tackle items. This includes the likes of your bivvy accessories, such as mats and lighting solutions, as well as any spare reels, spools of line, or any other spares that you might want down at the bank. However, this isn’t where the storage possibilities end with the Advanta Carryall. It also has no fewer than four additional external pockets – maximising the amount of gear you can bring with you. These external pockets are ideal for the storage of all your other smaller tackle items. This includes the likes of any rig wallets or lead bags, ensuring that you can keep organised on the bank. With this system, you’ll never have to rummage around to find the key tackle items that you need! Two large external pockets sit on either end of the bag, which are ideal for the storage of your bite alarms, and two smaller pockets sit at the from of the bag to allow easy access to a whole range of tackle accessories. All of the pockets are fastened using heavy duty zips, ensuring that you never have to worry about your gear spilling out into your boot or leaving a trail behind you as your rove around the bank. The Advanta Carryall is exceptionally easy to transport, thanks to its adjustable and padded shoulder strap. This allows you to comfortably transport your gear down to the bank, leaving your hands free to push a barrow or carry other gear. It also comes fitted with a padded carry handle, too. This is because the Advanta team understands that it can be somewhat awkward to try and manoeuvre your bag in your car boot or barrow without such a handle and it makes moving the bag on the bank even easier. The base of the bag has been manufactured from reinforced Nyplex, further increasing the durability of the bag and it has been finished with four rubber non-slip feet. As you can see, the bag comes in a stylish olive green colour. This has been designed to complement your existing range of carp fishing luggage. The Advanta Carryall is an excellent addition to the growing range of Advanta carp tackle. The entire range has been manufactured with both quality and value for money in mind; it is the ideal option for the angler who wants to enjoy high end gear without paying the high end price tag. The Advanta Carryall is available exclusively in-store and online at Angling Direct.

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