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  • Manufactured from highly durable materialsProtects your scales during transitPadded interiorZipped openingFits all popular models(Scales shown for illustration purposes only)

Advanta Scales Pouch, 

No matter what type of fishing you enjoy turning your hand to – whether you’re committed to carp fishing, mad keen about match angling, or passionate for pike and predators – you’re probably going to want to know exactly how much the fish you’ve expertly hooked weighs. Even if we pretend that the joy of landing the fish is enough for us, you still can’t quite beat that feeling of seeing the needle spin around to hit your biggest number to-date – confirming your suspicions that you’re holding your new personal best. Recording the weight of your fish is as much a part of angling as rods, hooks, and line are and to do so, you’re going to want to use a pair of scales which offers you on-the-nose accuracy time after time. Once you’ve purchased your superior quality scales you’re going to want to ensure that they are protected in storage and in transit – which is where the Advanta Scales Pouch comes in. Designed to accommodate all popular models of angling scales, the Advanta Scales Pouch has been designed to offer superior protection to your scales – ensuring that they are ready to weigh your capture with complete precision.

The Advanta Scales Pouch has been manufactured from highly durable materials boasts a padded interior. This has been designed to ensure that your scales are protected from all the usual knocks and scrapes that you might expect to encounter during your time on, to, and from the bank. When you have a large fish in your weigh sling or on your unhooking mat, the last thing you want is to discover that your scales have been cracked or otherwise broken – making it impossible to know the true weight of your capture. This protective pouch ensures that the risk of this occurring is significantly reduced and it ensures that you’re able to weigh your fish safe in the knowledge that you’re getting an accurate reading each and every time.

With a zipped opening, this pouch is incredibly easy to access. This means that should you be so lucky as to experience a take whilst you’re still setting up your gear on the bank, you’ll be able to quickly and easily access the scales in your pouch in order to weigh your fish. The pouch has been designed to fit in most pockets of popular carp luggage options, too. This allows you to have the scales easily to hand at all times, too. The Advanta Scales Pouch comes in a carpy olive green colour and features a small Advanta logo. This ensures that it will perfectly complement your existing range of carp fishing luggage, too.

Ensuring that your scales are protected from all manner of knocks and scratches on your journey to and from your swim, so your scales are always ready to use and accurate on the bank, the Advanta Scales Pouch is an essential element of your carp fishing arsenal. It is also an excellent addition to the growing Advanta range. Established in 2011, the brand has quickly risen through the ranks thanks to its reputation for quality and its ethos of value for money. It boasts a complete tackle range which has been designed by anglers and for anglers. The range is available exclusively to Angling Direct, both in stores and online, and it contains a comprehensive collection for the dedicated carp angler. Whether you’re looking for a new rod to take your angling to the next level, a bivvy or shelter for expert overnight protection, or cooking equipment to make your time on the bank that little more enjoyable, the Advanta range has you covered! 

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