Advanta Sleepcell 5 Season Sleeping Bag + Pillow Deal


Key Features

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  • --Advanta Sleepcell 5 Season Sleeping Bag--
  • All season sleeping bag
  • Waterproof and breathable outer material on both bags
  • Made using high grade silicone treated hollow fill fibre
  • Green fleece inner lining (on both bags)
  • Corded hood top to close round head when required
  • Integrated and removable fleece pillow
  • Heavy duty anti-snag internal zip baffle on both bags
  • Double 10mm quick release zips
  • Inside bag can be zipped out/removed for a cooler effect
  • Fixes to bedchair via 2 reinforced Nylon pouches & a strap
  • Supplied in a heavy duty storage bag
  • Dimensions: 90cm x 210cm
  • Dimensions when packed: 49cm (W) x 83cm (H)
  • Total Weight: 7.2kg (including storage bag)
  • --Advanta Discovery CX Pillow--
  • Full sized pillow
  • Soft cotton reverse side
  • Super soft and luxurious hex fleece upper
  • Hollofil fibre filling
  • Machine washable

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Advanta Sleepcell 5 Season Sleeping Bag + Pillow Deal, Advanta Sleepcell 5 Season Sleeping Bag, Advanta is proud to state that the Sleepcell Five Season is one of the warmest sleeping bags on the market. Incredibly versatile, this bag offers two sleeping options and is effectively two sleeping bags in one, able to be used independently or in tandem for an ultra-warm sleeping experience. These bags can be easily attached and released via the use of high quality 10mm quick release zips, which in are protected by anti-snag baffle. This baffle ensures that you can always enjoy easy access to your sleeping bag, so you never have to worry about battling with the zip to escape the bag should you hear a scream in the night from your bite alarm. You can use the outer sleeping bag completely independently by removing the inner bag. This outer bag is incredibly lightweight, making it perfect for use in the summer when you do not require as many layers of insulation. After all, it’s almost worse being too hot to sleep than it is being too cold, and no one likes to feel sticky and uncomfortable on the bank. This outer bag ensures that you can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep in the warmer and intermediate months. However, when the weather turns colder, with the Advanta Sleepcell Five Season Sleeping Bag you can revert to the full warmth of a five season bag by simply re-inserting the inner bag. This provides the perfect dual layer insulation during the winter months, trapping your body heat (as well as the heat of any hot water bottles or other such devices) keeping you warm in even the bitterest conditions. Both the inner bag and the outer bag are lined with green fleece, meaning they are exceptionally soft and comfortable to use. Fleece is also exceptionally insulating, so this adds another layer of heat retention, too, and both bags are constructed from high grade silicone treated hollow fill fibre, which traps heat incredibly well to keep you warm all year round. The outer lining of both bags is waterproof and breathable, keeping you dry from both the elements and preventing you from feeling sticky from sweat. The hood of the Advanta Five Season Sleepcell is corded, enabling the hood to be drawn close around the head when required to provide additional warmth. This hood also features an integrated fleece pillow for added comfort, which can be easily removed if required. The whole Sleepcell can be easily attached to a bedchair via the use of two nylon pouches and a strap. This ensures that you won’t find yourself slipping to the floor after a night of tossing and turning. It also means that you can store this sleeping bag attached to the bedchair permanently, which is ideal for the angler who enjoys quick overnight sessions and who likes to remain mobile on the bank. Weighing in at only 7.2kg (when both the outer and inner lining of the bag are in use) this sleeping bag is relatively lightweight considering it offers year-round protection and it comes in its own high quality carry bag. The bag is 90cm wide and 210cm long, ensuring that it is perfect for even the most robust angler, and it packs down to 49cm wide and 83cm tall, for compact storage. Advanta Discovery CX Pillow, If you’re looking for that little extra bit of comfort or luxury on the bank then you need look no further. The Advanta Discovery CX Pillow is the ideal extra for you, designed to elevate your on-bank carp fishing experience to that new level. This is a full sized pillow, so you can roll over in the night without suddenly finding yourself completely without a pillow. After all, why should spending the night on bank be any less comfortable than spending a night in your bed at home? Advanta certainly thinks that a night on the bank should be every bit as comfortable as a night at home and with this Discovery CX Pillow you’re able to enjoy a night of relative luxury at the water’s edge. This is a dual sided pillow, ensuring that you can tailor your on-bank experience to your needs. The upper side of the Advanta Discovery CX Pillow has been finished with a super soft hex-fleece. As well as being ultra-comfortable against your skin, this has been designed to trap as much body heat as possible to your face and neck area. This is an area of your body where you lose a great deal of body heat and on the coldest nights you’ll really notice the extra warmth that this fleece side of the pillow affords you. On the reverse of the pillow, you can find a soft cotton finish. This is ideal for those warmer nights on the bank, when the heat retained by a fleece finish on your pillow could feel claustrophobic. The soft cotton feels every bit as luxurious as the fleece whilst also ensuring that your skin can breathe throughout the clammiest and most humid nights on the bank. The Advanta Discovery CX Pillow is filled with a hollofil fibre. This is extremely padded and it cushions your head perfectly throughout the night, affording you a luxurious night of sleep on the bank. In fact, this fibre filling is the same as used in many traditional pillows, ensuring that you can enjoy the same levels of comfort on the bank as you would in your bed at home. As an added bonus, the Advanta Discovery CX Pillow is completely machine washable, too. This means that, should it succumb to the kind of dirt and grime that you might expect from time on the bank, you can simply toss it in the machine along with the rest of your gear in the confidence that it will come up as good as new. It also features an attachment buckle, which allows you to fasten it your bedchair to ensure that you don’t have to worry about your pillow sliding off in the night. The pillow has been finished in a carpy olive green, which ensures that it will complement the entirety of your existing carp fishing setup and it will look great in any modern bivvy. What’s more, it is also an excellent addition to the growing Advanta Discovery overnight range. This range has been designed with carp anglers in mind and it features a whole host of products designed for both your quick overnighters and your longer sessions on the bankside.

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