Advanta Endurance Neoprene Tip & Butt Protectors

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Key Features

  • Keeps your rods safe during transit
  • Manufactured from neoprene
  • Less bulky than most other designs
  • Drawstring closure

Advanta Endurance Neoprene Tip & Butt Protectors, 

If you’re someone who wants to ensure that your rods are supremely protected in storage and in transit then these Tip and Butt Protectors from Advanta are the perfect products for you. Designed to fit slimly around the delicate tip and butt sections of your rod, they provide additional padding and protection to your rods in your holdall and are an ideal accessories for the safety conscious angler. After all, it goes without saying that your rods are some of your most important tackle items and without them you’d be pretty shot on the bank. This is way it pays to protect them, keeping them in pristine condition in order to ensure that you’re always making the most out of each and every cast. Your Advanta Tip and Butt Protectors allow you to transport your rods around with confidence, so you won’t have to wince every time you cross a pothole in the car or a bump as you barrow down to the water’s edge.

Of course, the Tip and Butt Protectors are also the perfect option for the mobile angler who doesn’t want the bulk of a holdall down at the bank. As the years have gone on, rod holdalls have got bigger and bulkier as anglers have got increasingly paranoid about the safety of their gear as their roaming around the bank. The Advanta team understands that it is important that your gear is properly protected both on and off the bank, but it also knows that you don’t always want to wrestle with cumbersome holdalls, whether you simply want to pop down to the water’s edge for a few hours in the evening or you’re looking to enjoy a more mobile session. These Tip and Butt Protectors allow you to be confident that your gear is safe when stored in a lightweight sleeve or quiver system, ensuring that you never have to worry about your gear as you’re roving around your venue looking for that perfect spot.

As you will have come to expect from an Advanta product, these Tip and Butt Protectors have been manufactured from high quality materials. This ensures that they are incredibly durable and can more the hold their own against the kind of daily wear and tear that they will encounter in the ownership of a committed angler. With a reinforced neoprene base, you can not only be confident that your gear is supremely protected but it also makes inserting and removing your rods from the holdall even easier. This ensures that you don’t feel as if you’re fighting your gear on the bank, speeding up the set-up and pack-down process to maximise the amount of time you can spend with your rods out over the water.

The Advanta Tip and Butt Protectors are fitted with a draw cord fastening. This allows you to attach your protectors to your rods. After all, your protectors would be rendered as good as useless should they slip or fall from the rods in transit, so these drawstrings ensure that you never have to worry about accidents like this occurring. The Tip and Butt Protectors are finished in olive green and black, to they will look great with all your existing carp fishing luggage.

For the angler who wants to ensure that their vital carp rods are perfectly protected in storage and transit, as well as for the angler who wants top travel light to the bank for a spot of evening coarse fishing, the Advanta Tip and Butt Protectors are the perfect luggage solution. 

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