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Advanta X5 EVA Groundbait Bowl 14L

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Key Features

  • Manufactured from EVA
  • Fully waterproof, washable and durable bowl
  • Very hard wearing double zips
  • Keeps bait at the correct consistency for longer periods
  • Very easy to clean after use
  • Very practical 14 litre capacity
  • Dimensions: 45cm x 30cm

During a coarse fishing match, it's important to feed your swim more or less constantly; top match angling coach Andy Day recommends feeding a good handful of bait every five to ten seconds throughout your match session.  Whatever bait you're using, that's a lot of bait going out over the course of the average four to five hour match competition, and it needs to look and smell good to the fish you're after, otherwise you'll find them swimming off to your neighbour's peg, to see if there's anything more to their liking on offer.  With that in mind, the dedicated match angler will  want to have as much bait as possible immediately to hand on their peg, whilst also being able to trust that the bait will reamain at the right consistency for the duration of the tournament.  That requires a decent sized groundbait bowl that offers far more than your basic poundshop bucket.

Made from high quality EVA, a material which has all the benefits of rubber, in terms of being hard wearing, water resistant, easily cleaned, and durable, but is even tougher than rubber, and designed for situations where you'll be bringing equipment and accessories into regular contact with sharp, scrappy surfaces – exactly the kind of situations, in fact, that can be found at many of the best, and most popular, match fishing venues – this groundbait bowl from Advanta offers an impressive 14litre capacity, and keeps your bait at the consistency you need for longer than other bait bowls on the market.  Easy to clean, this is a durable angling accessory that will serve you well for many sessions to come, while its bright, vibrant branding will ensure you stand out, and look good, wherever your fishing takes you.

Stylish practicality is exactly what the Advanta brand, from popular UK fishing retailer Angling Direct, is designed around.  With an immediate visual appeal to younger, entry-level anglers, and the design engineeing and manufacture quality to satisfy the most demanding old hand, Advanta products are created with the intention of making your angling life less 'lifelong struggle', and more 'lifestyle'.  Angling is a sport, a pastime, a passion: it's supposed to be fun, with al the challenges coming from the fish, the weather, and the water conditions – not your kit.  A company run by anglers, for anglers, performance, practicality, and accessible, enagaging angling experiences are firmly at the heart of everything Angling Direct does, and the products offered as part of the ever-increasing, constantly improving Advanta range are no exception.

If you're a bright, passionate, creative angler who's looking for creative, bright, and passionate products to enhance your angling experience and bankside style, then this practical, stand-out groundbait bowl should definitely come near the top of your accessories list, especially if match fishing is a passion of yours already, or somewhere on your angling horizon.

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