Advanta X5 Match 3m Carp Keepnet

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Key Features

  • Strong, fish friendly design
  • Fitted with carp friendly mesh
  • Perfect for commercial carp retention
  • Ultra secure twist lock angle adjustment
  • Pull through handles for weighing
  • Strong aluminium top ring
  • Compatible with most banksticks (standard 3/8 BSF thread)
  • Stake out rings for maximising keepnet capacity

Match fishing is all about the weight of your total catch, which means you’re going to need a strong, fish-friendly keep net so that every bite you bring to the bank gets counted.  In a tense, competitive match scenario, every gram counts, which means every gram needs to be in your net, with no risk of the net giving way, and the best possible chance of the fish being able to be returned safe and healthy to the water.  You also want your keepnet to be ready to hand, and able to stand up against the worst of the British weather.  In an ideal match fishing scenario, nothing should get in the way of you bringing your catch smoothly from the water to the bank, and into the keepnet.

Designed from carp safe, fish friendly mesh, the Advanta X5 3m Carp Keepnet is fully compatible with most banksitcks, and comes with stake out rings, so you can easily set it up to give you a seamless experience when you’re transferring the fish that will go towards your final count. With a strong aluminium top ring, integral mesh strength, and pull through handles that give strength and support when weighing in, this keep net is ideal for commercial carp retention, and features a secure twist lock system, to ensure every fish you catch is counted at the end of the match.

Advanta is a dynamic young brand from Angling Direct. With the success of their initial product range, which was aimed at carp anglers, Advanta are moving forward, and extending their brand offerings, one discipline at a time, so that quality is maintained while the brand works towards eventually providing affordable, accessible, quality equipment, whatever your preferred style of fishing.   The X5 range is Advanta’s newest range, committed to serving the needs, meeting the demands, and exceeding the expectations of dedicated match anglers, and producing products that can stand up and hold their own in this highly competitive discipline.

With the retail power and fishing performance of popular retailer Angling Direct behind it, Advanta is a brand that won’t disappoint, and whose products are key to encouraging the next generation to get involved, and reap the benefits of Britain’s most popular participation sport.  With a focus on sustainable angling, every product Advanta makes has fish care at its heart, whether that’s weighing slings that are fully supportive, or nets whose mesh keeps fish calm and relaxed, ensuring that they’re returned to the water in the best condition possible.

In any angling discipline, the right kit is important; in match fishing, it’s vital, as overlooking a small, seemingly insignificant detail could have big, and expensive, repercussions. As the weight of netted fish is what matters in match fishing, your most important piece of kit is your keepnet; that’s why Advanta have crafted the X5 range to offer durability, reliability, strength, and bankside practicality, whilst also ensuring, wherever possible, that the experience is as stress-free as possible for the fish you’ll catch, giving angling a reputation that will draw people to the sport for generations to come.

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