Alan Blair Upper Layers / Surface Pack


Key Features

  • Alan Blair Upper Layers / Surface Pack contains
  • 1x Bag of Nash Slicker Floaters
  • 1x Bag of Nash Riser Pellets
  • 1x Bag of Nash Hookable Floaters
  • 1x Pack of Nash Pinpoint Flota Claw Hooks
  • 1x Bottle of Nash Atlantic Salmon Oil

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Alan Blair Upper Layers / Surface Pack, Nash Slicker Floaters, Nash 11mm floating pellets in session size 1.4 kg bags with matching Hookable Floaters. Infused with the deadly Strawberry Oil or Pure Crustacean, Slicker Floaters are a brilliant edge on pressured waters, bringing more takes. Combining our exclusive additives in a high attract floating feed Nash baits Slicker Floaters encourage competitive feeding on the toughest venues for instant surface action. Needle friendly Hookable Floaters come in every bag, and can be direct hooked or mounted without drilling or glue, sitting like free offerings in the surface film to catch out the most cautious feeders. Slicker Floaters can be fed accurately by catapult or at longer range using a spod. Nash Riser Pellet, The ultimate surface feed bait on pressured waters where standard floating baits have lost their effectiveness. Share Kevin Nash's greatest surface fishing edge. Now in handy 1.6 kg bags with free matching Sucker floating hookbaits, enhanced with either the legendary Strawberry Oil or the deadly Pure Crustacean. Riser Pellet imitates a natural fly hatch creating a floating slick of micro pellets and a small percentage of slow sinking pellets to draw the fish up to the surface creating a frenzied feeding reaction. Put simply it's the deadliest surface feed for carp there has ever been. Nash Hookable Floaters, Easy hooking and durable dedicated floater hookbaits. Can be direct hooked, hair rigged or banded for versatile presentation. For best results use with Nash Slicker Floaters and Riser Pellet. Available in Pure Crustacean (brown) or Strawberry Oil (red). Supplied in 40 gram screw tubs. Nash Pinpoint Flota Claw Hooks, With updated patterns, and benefitting from advanced manufacturing processes, these Nash Flota Claw Hooks, from the Pinpoint range, feature a reduced wire gauge that’s perfect for floaters, zig rigs, and natural baits, giving you a wealth of flexibility in all aspects of your carp fishing. A wide angled bend keeps your bait on the hook, whilst ensuring the hookpoint isn’t masked by the bait – you’re not dangling that hookbait out to give the fish some free food, after all! Crafted to the same design as Nash’s heavier weight Claw hooks, the Flota Claws are a lightweight hook choice that gives you vastly improved presentation with floating or slow sinking baits. Nash Atlantic Salmon Oil, High grade Salmon Oil with a typical Nashbait twist, boosted with Salmon Oil Palatant for even greater attraction. Rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids and with a distinctive taste and smell it’s brilliant for stick mixes, helping them to break down more readily. An excellent warm water surface coat for boilies, pellet mixes, Riser and Slicker Floaters. Watch the lake because if a carp disturbs your bag or stick then you’ll see a flat spot – a great edge and pretty exciting too! On the surface it helps you watch the controller and hookbait more easily in the flattened water.

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