Aqua Black Series Small Rucksack

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Key Features

  • Endura fabric
  • #10 zips throughout
  • Padded and lined
  • Nyplex base
  • Ergonomic carry system
  • Extended webbing straps
  • Accommodates mats/ bivvy at the base
  • Dimensions 600mm (h) x 360mm (d) x 480mm (w)
  • Designed for Roving Rig Wallet, Roving Buzz Bar Bag
  • As well as Roving 2 Pot Glug Bag, Deluxe Scales Pouch
  • Large &Small Bitz Bags can be used with this rucksack

Aqua Black Series Small Rucksack

It has become more and more apparent in recent years that mobility is one of the most important factors on the bank – especially if you’re a short session angler who wants (and needs) to make every minute count. A rucksack is the perfect bit of luggage for the roving and mobile angler, as it allows for the hands free transportation of a large amount of tackle and accessories. A high quality rucksack can also significantly reduce strain and stress on the spine, compared to using an over-the-shoulder style carryall. However, many of the rucksacks that you’ll find on the market are usually on the larger end of the spectrum. This is great for the long session angler who doesn’t want to use a barrow to get their gear down to the bank but for the short session angler or the angler using a rucksack in tandem with a barrow these are often far too big. Luckily, the team at Aqua have taken this into complete consideration and have manufactured this impressive rucksack as part of their Black Series: the Aqua Black Series Small Rucksack.

With dimensions of 600mm (H) x 360mm (D) x 480mm (W) this is certainly significantly smaller than a traditional angling rucksack. As this rucksack is completely compatible with the rest of the Black Series luggage range, including both the Large and Small Bitz Bags, you’ll never feel like you’re short of space and this rucksack is roomy enough for the average session angler. The Aqua Black Series Small Rucksack is characterised by the huge amount of pockets it contains and it boasts two pockets (of varying sizes) on each side, as well as an additional two pockets on the front of the rucksack. These have each been designed with a specific purpose in mind and can hold Aqua’s Roving Rig Wallet, Roving Buzz Bar Bag, Roving Two Pot Glug Bag, and Deluxe Scales Pouch. Please note that none of these bags come with the Aqua Black Series Small Rucksack and can instead be purchased separately, allowing you to modify the bag to best suit your own needs.

The Aqua Black Series Small Rucksack is manufactured from high-quality Endura fabric. This is a high performance material which is praised for its incredible durability, making it the ideal fabric for use in the construction of this rucksack. The bag is padded and lined throughout. This further adds to the durability of the rucksack, as well as affording additional protection to the gear inside the bag. The base of the bag has been constructed with Nyplex. This is a water resistant material with wipe-clean properties. This means that you can place this rucksack down on damp and muddy ground without worrying that you’ll stain the bag or damage the gear inside it. The base of the rucksack has also been designed to accommodate mats or bivvies, making this the perfect companion for the angler who enjoys quick overnighters on the bank.

The Aqua Black Series Small Rucksack features extended webbing straps, which have been designed for you ultimate comfort. It also has a waist strap with padding at the hips, as well as a chest strap, and both of these are adjustable and are fastened with a simple clip buckle. This removes some of the pressure from your shoulders, so should you have to carry the rucksack over extended distances you will be able to do so without discomfort.

The Aqua Black Series Small Rucksack comes in a classic carpy olive green, ensuring that it not only complements the rest of the Black Series luggage but also that you can mix and match it with your existing carp fishing luggage. If you’re an angler who enjoys short sessions or you’re an angler who wants to keep mobile on the bank, this is the perfect rucksack for you.

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