Aqua Full Rod Sleeve 13 Foot

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Key Features

  • Endura fabric
  • #10 Zip
  • Well-padded and lined
  • 12ft Sold separately
  • Clip together system
  • Compatible with 50mm butt rings
  • Compatible with big pits
  • Dimensions: 2150mm (h) x 230mm (w)

Redesigned to give modern functionality with a classic style, this 13ft rod sleeve from Aqua has been developed to accommodate the broader butt sections and larger rings that are increasingly being incorporated into rod design, as distance casting techniques, and the use of heavy bait loads, become more popular among anglers of all backgrounds and disciplines.

Lined for protection and support, and well padded, this sleeve features the functionality of a click-together system, which allows you to easily carry all your rods, in separate sleeves, over any distance.

Designed to accommodate 50mm butt rings and big pit reels, this sleeve is perfect for the carp angler who’s focused on distance, and needs a rod that can get their bait out to exactly where they want it to be – however far across the lake that might be.

Presented in a contoured design that offers ultimate protection for single rods, these sleeves are the ideal choice for stalking specimen anglers, and anyone who likes to travel light. Ensure all your casting rods are protected, and that you arrive at any swim with everything ready for a fun, active session, with plenty of records broken - but all your rods intact!

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