Carp Hooklink Pack

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Key Features

  • Included in this months pack...
  • ESP Cryogen Gripper Hooks
  • Korda Kurv Shank Hooks
  • Korda Dark Matter Braid
  • Korda Flexi Ring Swivel
  • Korda Swivels
  • Korda Rig Ring
  • Korda Dark Matter Ultra Heavy Tungsten Putty
  • Fox Edges Micro Multi Tool
  • Korda Razorblades
  • ESP Tungsten Loaded Coated Braid
  • Korda Anti Tangle Tungsten Sleeves
  • Korda Sinker Tungsten Hooklink
  • Korda Safe Zone Shrink Tube
  • Korda Combi Rig Safe
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Carp Hooklink Pack,

ESP Cryogen Gripper,
This pattern is the culmination of striving to design the perfect all round beaked point carp hook. The Gripper was subject to various design tweaks through the development process and the end result was well worth waiting for! The super fine, long curved point is the perfect shape and during testing, provided exceptionally secure hook holds. Other features include a 10-degree in-turned eye (slightly less than the Classic to allow for the inclined beaked point), heavy forging, micro barb and of course, the slick PTFE Teflon coating. Available in barbed sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Korda Kurv Shank Hook,
This hook has been designed to flip over and catch hold in the carp's mouth without the need for any shrink tubing. The unique shape works with both pop-ups and bottom baits, and most hooklinks including soft braids, Hybrid and IQ Soft.

Korda Dark Matter Braid,
Korda Dark Matter Braid sinks quickly and has a subtle camouflaged finish, keeping your rig hidden from wary fish. Made from super-strong and dense braided filaments this braid is suitable for many different rigs and blends into almost every lake bed. Recommended knots are: Knotless Knot, 4-Turn Grinner, Figure-of-Eight Loop and Palomar. Note: Moisten all knots before pulling tight.

Korda Flexi Ring Swivel,
This tiny ring swivel from Korda is ideal for creating a hinge in a stiff pop-up rig Fished in conjunction with a pop-up, this rig is said to be almost impossible to eject and big fish men like Dave Lane have used it to great success.

Korda Swivels,
The humble swivel completes the whole rig set up and since it is almost the last connection between you and the carp it needs to be reliable. Made in Japan by arguably the best swivel manufacturer in the world. These swivels match the size of the Korda's older swivels but with improved breaking strain and reliability. These impressively finished dull grey swivels have round eyes because they are stronger than diamond eyes. And They fit just about everything in the Korda range including - the Inline Leads, Lead Clips, Running Rigs, Shok Beads and Rubbers!

Korda Rig Ring,
These rig rings have been designed to help the angler create a variety of different rigs for the ever changing demands required to catch fish. Available in three sizes micro, small or medium.

Korda Dark Matter Ultra Heavy Tungsten Putty,
The release of Dark Matter Tungsten Putty brings rig putty into a new era. The Gravel Brown version has been blended to match the more gravelly, spots found on many gravel pits. Gone are the days when you had to heat your putty on the kettle to make it workable - Dark Matter is super malleable, allowing easy moulding round swivels, Sinkers, tubing or main line.

Fox Edges Micro Multi Tool,
This Multi Tool has a multitude of uses. The loop can be used to tighten hooks, the hook is ideal for securing swivels or rings, and the stepped stainless steel point is perfect for creating loops when splicing.

Korda Razorblades,
There are plenty of scissors already on the market but we felt we could still improve on these. All the versions currently available are generally made in a dull, carpy colours; meaning they are often lost amongst the undergrowth, not these babies! The handles have been manufactured in a bright Korda green. The blades have been thoroughly fieldtested and definitely stay sharper than competitors.

ESP Tungsten Loaded Coated Braid,
The tough, matt camo tungsten coating sinks heavily and strips easily while being resilient to fracturing on knots. Straightens without steaming. The super strong Dyneema core has an achievable knot strength of over 30lb.
20lb+ Soft
This soft version is perfect for subtle presentations with hook baits such as small boilies and nuts. Balanced or buoyant baits combined with the inherent suppleness of the braid will help the rig settle perfectly while still pushing the bait away from the lead.
20lb+ Semi-Stiff
The semi-stiff version is outstanding as an all-round coated hooklink. When combined with larger hooks and boilies it is still rigid enough to push the bait away from the lead for optimum rig efficiency and also makes an excellent boom for hinge rigs.
All available in muted camo Weedy Green, Camo Brown and Choddy Silt. Supplied on a 10m designer spool to reduce waste and fit the popular tackle boxes. Tried, tested and perfected in conjunction with Terry Hearn.

Korda Anti Tangle Tungsten,
Korda Dark Matter Tungsten Anti Tangle Sleeves push your rig away from the lead, ensuring your hooklink lies straight and flat on the bottom for perfect presentation. These Korda Dark Matter Tungsten Anti Tangle Sleeves are able to fit over standard size 8 swivels.

Korda Sinker,
A compact hooklength weight, made from heavy tungsten, designed to slide onto your hook link and ultimately pin it to the lake bed to keep your hooklength out of the carp’s way. Simply place your hook link material through one of the Sinker sections and slide the weight on. The great thing about a Sinker is that it stays in position rather than flying off on the cast like putty may. Available in Safezone colours to camouflage into the lake bed and two separate sizes.

Korda Safe Zone Shrink Tub,
Korda Shrink Tube is perfect for improving the hooking efficiency of any hook by curving the hooklink inwards. It shrinks down to 1/3 of its original size to form a really neat presentation. Specifically designed colours to match the bottom of any lake bed that you will be fishing.

Korda Combi Rig Safe,
High on the list for many people will be the COMBI RIG-SAFE, which is the latest additional to this popular range. Unlike the existing Rig-Safe models, this one also provides storage for small essential rig components, such as boilie stops, beads, swivels, shrink tube and anything else of a similar size. These are kept in the 12 secure compartments that fill one side of the case, which snap shut to ensure there is no chance of them spilling out during transit.

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