Century Kompressor WR 300 K Guide 13ft5''

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Key Features

  • Gearbox Design butt and Autoclave Technology
  • Blank colour: 3K-3Kcarbon twill – upper butt: unground UD carbon tip
  • Factory Finish: Fuji Titanium K Guides
  • Tied in metallic gold and jet black
  • Marine grade etched stainless steel trim bands – upper and lower butt
  • Japanese shrink rubber (JSR) handle
  • JSR rubber separator grip on lower tip and upper butt
  • 3M Reflective tape – top guides
  • Century carbon reducer available as optional extra
  • Pair of Coasters supplied to secure multiplier reel
  • Century partition rod case
  • Length: 13ft5''

Century Kompressor WR 300 K Guide

If you’re the kind of sea fishing angler for whom distance casting is your number one priority then you’ll want to sit up and pay attention to this impressive beach rod from Century. The Kompressor WR300 is a world-record breaking casting rod and it is the first rod that has ever been able to cast out beyond 300 yards – thus giving the rod it’s name: the WR300. This makes this the perfect rod for the angler who likes to be able to reach far out beyond the surf with each and every cast, in the confidence that you’re going to get the accuracy and the distance that you quire time after time. This is a rough-ground specialist rod that has been designed to be able to comfortably pull in even the hardest fighting fish with ease. If you’re an angler who regularly targets areas of rough or submerged terrain and you’re fed up of loosing fish to snaggy waters then this is the ideal rod for you.

As you can see, this is a rod with a two pronged approach. First, the impressive cast. Second, the outstanding retrieve. This is because Century understands that it is no good having one of these elements without the other and the Kompresor WR300 is a rod that refuses to compromise on any element of its performance. Perfect for use with leads of 125g to 225g, plus bait, this rod is a machine that will elevate your coastal angling to new heights. The rod boasts impressive technology that has been built into the blank as standard. The first of these is the gearbox design butt section. Much like the gear box in your car, this butt section has been designed to ramp up the more pressure the rod is under. This ensures that you can target huge fish with confidence, pulling them in over the roughest ground with relative ease. The second technology at work in the rod blank is Century’s autoclave technology. This is a high pressure curing process, ensuring that the carbon fibres in the rod blank are extremely resistant to high levels of torque.

The blank itself has been finished in a 3K carbon twill. This features on the upper section of the butt, adding additional reinforcement where you need it the most. However, this doesn’t just perform outstandingly but it also looks great. The blank is finished with metallic gold whippings and branding, which stand out against the jet black body of the blank.

The Century Kompressor WR300 is fitted with Fuji Titanium K guides – the only guides in the world that are automatically detangling. These are set up in a Fuji MNAT pattern, ensuring you experience frictionless line transmission on the cast and tangle free retrieval. The butt section of the rod is compatible with a reducer – which is supplied with the rod itself – and is coated in Japanese shrink wrap for unbeatable friction. The reel seat on the rod has been custom designed by the Century team and it is movable to allow you to balance your reel in your optimum position. This reel seat is complemented by EVA collars, which have been purpose designed to stop sand from fitting under the seat. The tip end of the rod is coated in reflective white tape, ensuring excellent visibility even in poor light conditions.

The rod comes supplied in a Century partition rod case in order to ensure that it is completely protected both in storage and in transit. This is the most impressive beach rod of its generation, all thanks to the hard work of Danny Moeskops and the Century team.

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