Coarse & Match Fishing Luggage

Whether you’re an angler who regularly graces the match circuit or you’re a casual coarse fan, luggage is essential to make your angling life run as smoothly as possible. Even the most irregular of anglers is bound to have a couple of armfuls of tackle to transport to the banks and nothing is more off-putting than starting a session walking back and forth to your car to collect all your tackle – knowing you’re going to have to make the same trips in reverse at the end of the day, too. That’s why we’ve collected a vast amount of luggage, all of which has been especially designed for the coarse and match angler. So, whether you’re in need of a keepnet carrier or a rod holdall, we have the luggage to protect your precious tackle both in storage and in transit. As with all 10,000 (and counting) products in our catalogue, we ensure that we only ever bring you the crème de la crème of the tackle world – and this promise includes our premier collection of coarse and match tackle.

With such a huge selection of coarse and match fishing luggage items in our range, it can be a little overwhelming to decide on the perfect piece to suit your needs. This is why we have collected together this short guide in order to ensure that you have all the information you need to be confident that your decision is the ideal one for you. We’re going to go through our coarse and match luggage collection section by section, reaffirming what each item is designed for, giving you pointers about what you might like to look out for and the situations in which these items can be put to their best use.


Rod Holdalls

You might not be surprised to see that rod holdalls make up the largest section of a coarse and match fishing tackle collection – not least when you learn that we also include pole holdalls and tube holdalls in this particular category. Holdalls are one of the most popular items of luggage across the coarse and carp fishing disciplines because of their ability to store a huge amount of luggage. This means that you can bring all the tackle items that you require down to the bank with ease, minimising the amount of time you spend walking to and from the boot of your car and maximising the amount of time you spend on the bank with your rod or pole out over the water.

If you’re looking for a rod holdall, chances are you’ll have a wide range of capacity options and you’ll be able to invest in anything from a single rod holdall right up to a six rod holdall. This means that whether you’re a match fishing angler who mainly fishes with a pole but who likes have a rod to hand just in case or you’re someone for whom coarse fishing revolves around your rod – or anything in between – you’ll be able to source the perfect sized holdall for your needs. As with carp fishing holdalls, our coarse fishing rod holdalls often feature multiple external pockets which have been designed with multiple other tackle items in mind. These include the likes of landing net handles, rod support systems or feeder arms, and any other long and slim tackle items that you might like to have to hand on the bank.

Pole holdalls are similarly designed in order to hold a number of pole sections as well as any banksticks, umbrellas, etc that you might like to have to hand on the bank. The capacity of this kind of holdall will usually be listed in terms of the number of tubes that your pole holdall can accommodate. The smallest holdalls on the market will house four tubes, which is ideal if you’re someone who targets the margins with a shorter pole, and the largest can hold a staggering 10 or even 12 tubes. You’ll find that the vast majority of pole holdalls can hold between six and eight tubes, which is about perfect for the standard match fishing pole.

All of the rod and pole holdalls in our range have been designed and manufactured by the top brands in the industry. This means that you can rely on the fact that they will be manufactured out of hard wearing materials and will feature easy access zips to ensure that you never have to waste time on the bank fumbling with your gear.


Net Bags

Another of the most popular tackle items in our coarse and match luggage range is our collection of net bags. Using keepnets is a way of life for the coarse and match angler and you’ll struggle to find an angler on the bank who doesn’t use one of the top quality keepnets in our coarse and match nets collection. Keepnets, as the name suggests, give you a location in which you can retain your capture before weighing in at the end of the day. This means that you’re unlikely to be removing them from the water until the very end of your session so you won’t be left with much time to allow your net to dry out. However, even if you do have a number of hours on the bank to allow your net to air and dry the chances are that you still won’t manage to get it as bone dry as you would like before packing it away in the boot of your car. This is where a top quality net bag really comes in handy. The majority of the net bags in our collection have been manufactured from EVA or another similarly waterproof material. This means that you’re able to stow your keepnets (and landing net heads) in your net bag, even if you’ve only just removed it from your swim. It will trap any water inside the bag, preventing it from soaking into your other luggage items or, even worse, into the fabric of the boot of your car. What’s more, river and lake water isn’t famed for being the sweetest smelling out there. These net bags will not only trap the dampness of your net but they will also block any nasty odours – ensuring that the drive home is as pleasant as possible. If you are looking for a bag which can trap both water and odours, we recommend you pay special attention to the zip of the bag to ensure that it offers a strong seal against both.

Your net bag isn’t only ideal for transporting your nets back home but it is also perfect for helping you to transport your net down to the bank in the first place. The majority of the net bags in our collection can hold two or more nets, so you can easily transport your entire keepnet collection down to the water’s edge. This is especially useful if you’re fishing a venue which has a two net policy, as it allows you to transport both your carp net and your standard match net down to the bank with ease. Our net bags do come in a variety of sizes, so please do ensure that the bag you’re purchasing is large enough to house the open end of your keepnet, as this will usually be the largest rib of your net.



As well as tackle specific bags, such as reel cases and rod tubes, we also stock a huge range of carryalls designed for all your extra tackle items that you might like to have on the bank with you. This includes bags designed for your pole rollers, feeder systems, and any other tackle items. Whether or not you fish with a seat box setup, a top quality carryall containing any additional gear is always a useful thing to have with you on the bankside. This kind of luggage allows you to take a huge amount of essential tackle items down to the bank with you with ease and if you’re someone who likes to stuff your seat box to the max then you’ll be pleased to have the extra luggage with you to – whether that’s to take the load from your box or to give you even more options down at the bank!

As a coarse and match angler, it can sometimes be difficult to see beyond the contents of your seat box. Once you’ve got your pole, bait, and seat box in your boot, it is easy to forget that you’ve only done half the work and, although you think you’re set up for the day, in reality there are still loads of other items of gear that you need to have with you to make your session really successful. This includes items such as your pole rollers, for example, which are often awkward to get down to the bank without the right luggage options and it can sometimes feel simpler to just leave them behind. You’ll be regretting doing just that when you’re on the bank and unable to fish due to your damaged pole! Owning a top quality carryall or, even better, a bag designed specifically with your rollers in mind, ensures that you’re able to transport your vital tackle essentials down to the bank safely and easily, leaving you with no excuse to leave your gear behind. Your carryall is also essential for the transportation of all your seat box accessories. These can be awkward to store on your seat box, especially in transit, so having a secure storage option ensures that they remain protected and to hand at all times.

When you’re looking for ease of transportation it pays to look out for a bag which offers a combination of carry handles and shoulder straps. Shoulder straps allow you to transport your tackle down to the bank hands free, allowing you to carry more gear in a single trip. Carry handles are vital for ease of on-bank and in-boot manoeuvrability, too. These should always offer some form of padding, in order to ensure that you never have to worry about handle digging into your palms – especially if you are having to travel a long distance between your car boot and you match fishing peg. All of the luggage options in our collection will have been finished to the high standards that you will have come to expect and demand as a dedicated angler.


Cool Bags and Groundbait Bowls

Bait is essential to any angler, which is why we have a huge range of coarse and match fishing bait available to ensure that you’re able to target the fish to the very best of your abilities. Getting this bait down to the bank and storing it appropriately whilst you’re there is every bit as important as owning it at all. Our range of cool bags and groundbait bowls ensure that you’re able to bring and store your bait on the bank in all weathers.

Cool bags are essentially foil lined carryalls which have been designed to be extremely insulating. This traps the cold inside the bag and prevents the incursion of heat, helping you to maintain the low temperature of your baits where appropriate. Groundbait bowls are often attached to your seat box as an accessory. These are smaller than your bucket and should be used for storing mixed groundbait, rather than creating your groundbait mix. The bowls enable your mixed bait to be close to hand, ready for balling, rigging, or pressing into feeders – no matter your angling tactics you can keep your bait ready for use at a moment’s notice. We do also stock a range of bait bags and buckets. These are often sold as complete baiting systems, allowing you to mix, riddle, and store your bait all in one.


Accessory and Lead Bags

Finally, we also stock a complete range of accessory and lead bags. For the most part, these are pouches which have been designed to fit into a larger carryall. These kinds of bags allow you to enjoy a completely customisable system which you can modify to suit your needs and storage style. As the name suggests, these kinds of cases are ideal for the storage of your leads and any other accessories that you might want to bring down to the bank. They are also perfect for the storage of your bait making equipment, any tools you might need, and even your catapults! You’ll often find that the accessory and lead bags that we stock feature clear or transparent lids. These allow you to easily identify the contents of your bag, so you never have to waste time rummaging through each and every bag to find that one vital piece of tackle.

As you can see, our range of coarse and match fishing luggage is vast. What’s more, we pride ourselves on the fact that we only every stock luggage items from the biggest names in coarse and match in order to ensure that we’re bringing you the kind of quality that you’ll demand as a discerning Angling Direct customer. This is why you’ll see big names brands such as Matrix, Rive, and Drennan in our range, among many others who all have enviable reputations in the industry. We also stock a complete range of Daiwa coarse luggage and, as the UK’s biggest supplier of the brand, we’re able to give you fantastic deals across our selection.

If you do have any further questions about any of the products mentioned here, or indeed any of the products on the Angling Direct website, please contact our customer services team. We’re proud to field a team of passionate anglers who are able to assist with each and every aspect of your experience with us today.

You can't cram all your match or coarse fishing gear into a tackle box or transport it from the car to the bankside without protecting it. Fishing luggage can protect your fishing tackle when transporting or storing it, whilst also providing you with a comfortable means for carrying your fishing gear to the bankside, ready for and match session.

What Luggage Do I Need for Coarse & Match Fishing?

Angling Direct has assembled the best match and coarse fishing tackle storage options such as; rod holdalls, carryalls, groundbait & bait bags, cool bags, pole holdalls, net bags, boot or wader bags, rig safes and accessory cases. All of these luggage options have many features that make them different from the usual rucksacks or camping styles luggage such as waterproof bases, strong materials, pockets and sizing.

You can read more about not only the type of luggage but the best luggage features to look out for in our Fishing Luggage Buyer’s Guide on the AD blog

We only ever stock luggage items from the biggest names in coarse and match in order to ensure that we’re bringing you the kind of quality that you’ll demand as a discerning Angling Direct customer. This is why you’ll see big names brands such as Matrix, Rive, and Drennan in our range, among many others who all have enviable reputations in the industry. We also stock a complete range of Daiwa coarse luggage, great for coarse and match anglers!

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