Angling Direct Black Friday 2018

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Angling Direct Black Friday 2018

The Smart Money Says … Black Is The New Black

Angling Direct is back in black, with a host of Black Friday deals that will take care of 2018's gift shopping for the anglers in your life well ahead of schedule, and the peace of mind of knowing your order will be with you in plenty of time to wrap up and tuck under the tree.

Last year, Black Friday saw avid anglers able to grab a host of quality terminal tackle, rod luggage, and accessories for just a fiver, with plenty of other impressive savings on offer on everything from light lures for jigging, spinning, trotting, and dropshotting, right up to the big pit performance potential of Daiwa's dynamic, must-have Basia reels.

This year, Black Friday with Angling Direct could see you get your hands on big pit reels with up to £200 off, savings of £100 on selected bivvies, and the chance to go Deeper, with £50 off Deeper Pros, mapping out fantastic deals as well as fish and features.

Black Impact


In 2017, Angling Direct had a whole host of £5 deals, on a range of practical tackle items, opening doors to new anglers, and encouraging those who were looking to wade into waters they'd been dipping their toes in.

Black Friday 2018 is set to be all about style, allowing you to create a bankside set up that's on-trend, and on budget, whether you decide to brave the crowds at your local Angling Direct store, or let your keyboard do the catching as you browse the range of deals on offer on our website.

With the power of Angling Direct opening up the world of Black Friday, you'll be hauling in nets bulging with bargains, and getting a head start on all your angling ambitions for 2019.

Black and White

If you lined up all the bivvies we sold during Black Friday 2017, they'd run the length of the River Trent, setting a host of anglers up in comfort and style on one of the UK's most exciting and rewarding coarse fishing venues. A thousand 290 litre bait freezers would be stocked with the boilies we sold over our busiest trading period in 2017. The spools of line we sold would loop the UK several times, tying down the average angler's keen eye for quality tackle at a bargain price.

Black Friday 2018 is already shaping up to be even better, with a host of deals on offer that will appeal to anglers everywhere, whether you're looking to get caught up on carp, or go dancing with dace.

Follow our Black Friday 2018 countdown to be among the first to hear of the range of tempting offers we'll be bringing out on November 23rd.

#ADBlackFriday – the key to the kingdom of deals that are just too good to miss.

Prepare, Plan, Purchase!

So, how can you make the most out of Black Friday 2018, and the wealth of deals that Angling Direct will be casting out to our valued customers from November 23rd?

PREPARE: Browse our website ahead of time. Make a note of anything that catches your eye. Sign up for AD Rewards, and choose to receive our emails, so you can be first to hear about the offers we're planning. PLAN: Work out a Black Friday budget. Work to the pre-deal prices – you might be pleasantly surprised by just how much you have left over. PURCHASE: Spend your budget on the brands you know, and take a chance on something new with the cash you save.

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