Black Friday Day 4: DEADLY DEALS on Predator Tackle

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Black Friday Day 4: DEADLY DEALS on Predator Tackle

Here at Angling Direct, were so excited at the prospect of Black Friday that we're starting early! Giving you more time, more deals and more opportunities to save.

We have daily deals every day this week. Today, Thursday 26th, AD are offering discount on numerous Predator tackle items!


What is in the Black Friday Predator Sale?


Okuma Reels:

Epixor Spinning Reel | Jawbait Casting Reel | Ceymar Baitcaster

There is an Okuma reel for every occasion, Okuma are famed for producing reels for a variety of angling situations. Angling Direct wanted to reflect this is our Black Friday deals, by offering discount on both spinning reels and baitcasters.



Savage Gear Rods & Scales:

MPP2 Spin Rod | MPP2 Travel Rod | XLNT3 Trigger Rod | Digi Scales

Savage Gear rods are designed and perfected for modern lure fishing. Savage Gear rods usually sport a stylish stealth design, combined with top quality components to aid your predator fishing. The Multi-Purpose Predator rod, the finesse series, and the XLNT3 series were worked on by Savage Gear’s Guide and Pro-staff team who have spent over two years developing rods with modern lure fishing in mind.


Greys Luggage:

Boat Bag

Life on the water is all about space management. Your boat is obviously finite and safety concerns require that you’re able to get around it to do what you need to keep afloat and get home safely. So, when you’re fishing you need luggage to help you keep everything shipshape. The Greys Boat Bag ticks all the boxes for clear sailing.

It’s slim and long in form, with dimensions of 500mm x 330mm x 260mm (W x H x D), which is perfect for stowing under or resting on top of boat seating without overhanging and snagging up important gangways. On the exterior of the bag, Greys have placed a number of very useful zipped pockets that themselves have mesh pockets on their fronts for swift access to the bits you need. They are of a selection of sizes that can be used for specific items, such as a long one on the front for lures.



Catfish Pro Scales:

Digi Scales

You can’t leave home without your scales! To be sure of a accurate reading, you really should be utilising the precision that digital scales offer. Add one to your tackle armoury today, at the special Black Friday price.



Black Cat Rod & Reel:

Wild Cat’z Rod | Buster Reel

Black Cat Wild Cat'z rod is for those anglers that like to fish for wels catfish. Aside from the rods striking yet inconspicuous design, the Uptide joint provides a fully parabolic action almost equivalent to that of a one-piece rod for fatigue-free fighting from the boat yet sufficient power for long-distance buoy fishing from the bank. Equipped with an indestructible DF blank, Fuji reel holder and Seaguide rings, this rod is a match for any adventure.

Black Cat Buster BCB 30 Multiplier Reel, The introduction of the Black Cat Buster offers catfish anglers a universal multiplier reel at an outstanding price-performance ratio. The housing is milled entirely from aluminium, providing a low weight of just 780 grams. The finely adjustable disc drag allows perfect drag setting during a fight as well as controlled line release when presenting your rigs. With a line capacity of 350 m/0.5 mm, the Buster perfectly covers all aspects of modern catfish angling. The high gear ratio of 6.1:1 and line retrieval of 110 cm also allow fish that bite at long distances to be steered quickly and powerfully into closer range. The Buster multiplier features a very loud clicker, which immediately alerts the angler to line removal with an unmistakable noise when a large catfish bites.

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