Top 5 Hemp Tips

Hemp is probably one of, if not the best all-round fish attractor. Just about every species (including roach, bream, tench, and carp) finds it impossible to resist the pulling power of this rich nutty particle. Hemp is devastating on its own but there are a few extra tricks that will let you get even more out if it:

Just juice
A lot of people just chuck away the juice in the bottom of the jar, or in the saucepan if they have cooked their own, but this is where all the rich oils and sugars are released from the seeds throughout the cooking process. This juice is an awesome addition to groundbait and stick mixes and is excellent when used to rehydrate and wash out boilies. It adds complex dimensions and stronger food signals to any bait or mix.

Hemp oil is an awesome additive. It’s pure concentrated brilliance and is effective in both cold and warm water. You can add oil to spod mixes to create a rapidly dispersing slick, to groundbaits and stick mixes to help tempt fish down to your hookbait from mid-water, and you can use it to increase hookbait visibility by giving your floaters a liberal coating. Other applications include coating particles to make them PVA-friendly and using it as a soak for boilie hookbaits.

Pimp it
Hempseed is a great carrier, by which I mean you can flavour it with a whole world of different additives that not only add to the effectiveness of your seed but also make it individual to you. Ingredients like Betalin, chilli powder, salt, turmeric, and a wide range of liquid eatables can be used to help boost or ‘pimp’ your hemp into a secret recipe.

On the hook
The amount of hemp that is used as feed versus the number of times we choose to use it on the hook is way too imbalanced. This means that carp can come to regard beds of hempseed as safe feeding grounds because the available food is small and hardly ever attached to a hook. To take advantage of this, try using more hempseed as hookbait. There’s the conventional way of pushing the hook shank into the split shell of the seed, or you can remove the white kernel and fish that on the hook as you would a small pellet. Using Kryston Bogey to create a ball of hemp much like a boilie and fishing that on a hair rig is a devastating tactic for all you specimen anglers.

Get crushed
When crushed into a rough powder, hempseed gives a great texture to groundbaits and stick mixes. I’m sure fish can hear the crunching sound this makes when other fish are feeding on it, attracting them into your baited area and hopefully onto your hook. Coating soaked or otherwise moist hookbaits with finely crushed hempseed powder forms a crust coating which disperses nicely in the water.

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