Advanta Friday - Advanta Discovery CX Bivvy Table

Take ADVANTA‘GE’ this Friday! We take a closer look at the Advanta Discovery CX Bivvy Table.

Organisation is one on the main elements to angling success. The Advanta Discovery CX Bivvy table is an awesome piece of equipment to ensure that you can tick the organisation box on your next trip. Not only that, but it also offers a great place to tie rigs, steam hooklengths and ensure you don’t misplace things like baiting needles, car keys and everything else that somehow manages to go missing whilst we are out on the bank. The Advanta Discovery CX Bivvy Table may be a simple concept however it has several excellent and very useful additional features to other “more standard” bivvy tables available.

The Advanta Discovery CX Bivvy Table has a variety of large, medium and small compartments that are perfect for storing a wide variety of different items of tackle as well as other things that you may need access to in your bivvy. It also converts into a multipurpose rig tying station, giving you a great workspace to construct all your rigs for the session. You’ll never lose a hair stop or baiting needle again!

The Advanta Discovery CX Bivvy Table also features an additional tray for hooklength steaming. This tray also has an elastic hooklink puller and a slot- in divider which ensures your rigs are perfectly organised and tangle free as well as straight and ready to catch you that new PB. The Advanta Discovery CX Bivvy Table has measurement markers on it which means you can keep all your hooklengths to the same length.

The Advanta Discovery CX Bivvy table is super stable and strong as well as having adjustable legs to suit even the most uneven of swims. The table also folds flat ensuring it doesn’t take up space for all those who may be barrowing to your chosen swim.

Overall the Advanta Discovery CX Bivvy Table is a ‘must have’ for all anglers. Whether you are in a bivvy overnight, for a week or just out on a day session, the table ensures you’re fishing at the optimum level of organisation and accessibility, ready to tie any rig, all in one awesome and affordable product.

Key Features
- Ultimate in tackle organisation, accessibility and rig creation
- Super strong and stable bivvy table
- Aids with rig tying and steaming
- Converts to multipurpose rig tying station
- Hooklink steaming tray with slot-in divider and elastic hooklink puller
- Large, medium and small compartments
- Measurement markers for desired hooklink length
- Folds flat with adjustable legs

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