Wednesday Review - Greys Xlerate Carp Rods

Reviewed by Carpology Magazine…

Greys has been close before, but half a century of experience has gone into producing the finest carp rods it has ever made...

THE GREYS NAME has been synonymous with top-end rods since Chris Yates was just out of short trousers. If you had a few quid burning a hole in your pocket in the late 1960s, and wanted the very best, then Greys of Alnwick were the guys to turn to. That the brand is still going, and substantially stronger gives you clue as to just how good its products are! If you’re not sure, then we’ll spell it out for you: they’re still among the most prestigious and highly regarded carp rods on the planet! So much so, our editor, who can choose any rods he likes, chooses to use AirCurves. Until now, that is, because there’s a new Greys masterpiece on the scene: the Xlerate range.

1. This carbon is special stuff

Okay, so the Xlerate range has been lavished with the finest carbon known to man. Powerlux nano resin carbon is about as advanced as you’re going to get just now. But what does it all mean? Put simply, the Xlerate rods are lighter, stronger and crisper, making them a total joy to use (why else do you think the ed’s ditching his favourite AirCurves?).

2. The action

That cutting-edge carbon gives you a suite of blanks that possess genuine power, combined with the sweetest playing action that the Greys team could dream up between them. In fact, they reckon that the action they’ve achieved is the best to date, and do you know what; we’re not about to disagree. We’re talking nearly fifty years of rod design culminating in these special rods. If you could crush every second of those decades down into one supreme product, then you’re looking at it.

3. The finish!

The Greys team certainly weren’t about to let themselves down with underwhelming aesthetics. We wouldn’t say that the finish is flashy by any means, but we reckon it hits the perfect balance of function and finesse. It’s clear that real attention to detail has been brought to bear during the build, and the result is a range of rods that are simply stunning.

4. Have them your way

Greys knows that we all have distinctly different taste when it comes to the sticks that we’re about to spend hours staring at. So, rather than producing a couple of variants, they’ve hit us with a whole four build options to choose from. First up is the traditional, minimal abbreviated build, with very little but lovely naked carbon. Then, you’ve got the low-profile, full-length shrink-wrap, full slim cork and finally, the more retro full Duplon.

5. Loads of extras

Okay, so you’re more interested in the rods, right? Well, yes, so were we, but we just hadn’t looked closely enough! You actually get far more than a set of rods when you invest in a set of Xlerates. In actual fact, you get a pukka Greys Universal Line Clip, a handy EVA stopper as well as neoprene tip and butt protectors. Frankly, the clips and tip and butt protectors alone are hugely useful, so to have them thrown in for free is a right result!

Key Features
- 3M Powerlux 1000, nano resin carbon fibre construction
- Carbon Armour blank finish with full-length shrink wrap
- Lightweight 1k carbon weave throughout
- Advanced progressive power action
- 100% carbon Fuji DPS18 hybrid reel seat
- G-Lite XR DL Black Edition stainless/titanium hybrid ringing pattern
- 50mm distance ring pattern with anti-frap tip ring
- Supplied with a Greys universal line clip and EVA stopper
- Laser-engraved stainless steel butt cap
- Neoprene tip and butt protectors

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