Advanta Friday - Advanta X5 Match Elite Oval Net

A top quality landing net is a must. Whatever you’re hoping to catch, there’s nothing worse then not being able to quickly net your prize. This is even more important in match fishing, when time is of the essence and, with numbers of fish being caught, your landing net needs to stand up to the test time and time again. The Advanta X5 Match Elite Oval Net has been developed to ensure that it’s a perfect fit for elite match anglers, as well as coarse anglers who demand the highest standard of performance.

The Advanta X5 Match Elite Oval Net comes in two sizes; medium and large. The medium size net is perfect for mixed species, such as silver fish and smaller carp. The large size is perfect for larger carp, as well as all other species. Both nets feature a twin mesh design. The mesh on the outside is olive green to reduce visibility when netting your fish, and also has wide spacing, which allows it to move through the water quickly, and also drain well. The base features fine mesh with small spacing, and is dark in colour. This helps reduce stress on the fish, providing a darker environment as well as being designed to better support the fish, and reduce stress. All round, the Advanta X5 Match Elite Oval Net allows you to securely net and transport your catch in the safest way possible, hopefully into a waiting keepnet on the way to your match win.

The Advanta X5 Match Elite Oval Net is fitted with a lightweight and durable spreader block with a universal thread that’s perfect for quick and secure attachment to your chosen landing net handle. The spreader block is ultra-strong, and perfect for lifting large carp.

Overall, the Advanta X5 Match Elite Oval Net is a feature packed, extremely affordable net that conforms to the highest standard of fish care while offering exceptional and reliable performance, even in the most high pressure match fishing situations.


Key Features 
· Comes in two sizes
· Medium and large
· Both twin colour
· Strong nets for GP commercial work
· Larger net is ideal for larger carp
· Also features fine mesh and spreader block
· Can attach to any landing net pole or bankstick

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