Tackle Tuesday - Chub Outcast Shelter

Reviewed by Carpology Magazine…

This little shelter is something a bit special...

The shelter itself is based around the proven pram-hood design, with a few clever tweaks. Principally, it’s got a flat back, which allows you to squeeze the bed tight to the back, eliminating that annoying bit of space over the back of the bed! You’ll also notice that the little blighter only has two pram-hood ribs too. This makes for a great weight saving, without sacrificing function and strength.

There’s a detachable mozzi front available, which is an absolute game-changer for us. The winged critters can literally RUIN your session so shut ‘em out! Chub makes an overwrap for this shelter too, which immediately upgrades the whole set-up for hardcore winter use, with zero condensation to boot!

So, for relatively little expense you can get a system that covers you for 12-months of the year.

Ed Betteridge on the Outkast Shelter

Why, in your eyes, is this shelter so perfect?
“I love the fact it is quick to set-up and you can vary the protection you need. For example, stripped back to just two storm bars it sets up quicker than anything I’ve used, but then extra bars and the front can be added if the weather turns.”

You’re well over 6ft, doesn’t it seem cramped in there?
“No, it’s the perfect size: Compact and flat-backed to fit in the tightest of swims and just enough room for me and my kit (and the dog). And if you’re not stupidly tall you can drop the front to the lower pegging points to make it snugger.”

Do you use the Mozzy Wrap much?
“The waters I’m currently fishing don’t have many mozzies around them and the ones I’ve fished that do tend to leave me alone to the larger degree (it must be all the garlic I eat) so I don’t use it too much, but I can see it being a session-saver in some instances.”

Key Features
- 10,000mm hydrostatic head fully waterproof
- Chubs unique Back Draft Ventilation System
- Mesh storage pocket inside
- Lightweight groundsheet
- Rod strap system
- Supplied with T-pegs and oversized carry bag
- Shelter Overwrap and Mozzy Overwrap available separately
- Dimensions (W x D x H): 2.6m x 2.05m x 1.38m
- Weight: 6.6kg

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