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For today’s tackle Tuesday I’d like to take a look at some sea fishing rods, in particular the fantastic Rampage range from Penn International!

Penn is a name that is familiar to millions of anglers all around the globe, particularly with anglers who fish in salt water, they have been in business over 75 years and they use this experience to push the boundaries of tackle development, so when they announced that had a new range of rods available we just had to give them a look! This new range was of course the Rampage range!

The Penn Rampage range has been designed to cater for the needs of all sea anglers, with rods for beach, boat and bass anglers. The range has been produced to the highest specification, with all rods manufactured from HR 24 Ton carbon, combined with Fuji rings throughout, aluminium reel seats and shrink tube fore grips.

Penn Rampage Surf Rods

Between the two models in the range, the new Rampage Surf Beach rods can handle just about anything the shore fishing world can throw at them!

The range consists of two models, a 15ft9in and a 13ft, both rated 4-6oz and both featuring superb 3piece 24-ton carbon blanks, Fuji rings throughout the length, an aluminium reel seat and a shrink tube fore grip. The fast, progressive action in both models is designed to get the very most out of simple overhead casts, and deliver maximum fighting pressure for hooking into anything from Dabs and Whiting on the 13foot up to winter Cod, Summer Rays and trophy Bass on the 15ft9in.


  • HR 24T carbon blank
  • Fuji O guides
  • Supplied in a cordura tube
  • EVA grip
  • Shrink-tube fore grip
  • Rubber push on butt cap

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Penn Rampage Bass Rods

With its lightweight, slim, 3 piece 24-Ton carbon blank the Rampage Bass is designed make light work of long sessions.

The Rampage Bass features a gorgeous fast taper with stiff lower sections for casting power, but with a supple tip ideal for protecting soft baits and maximizing bite detection. The rod features Fuji O and L rings, an aluminium reel seat, and a black shrink tube fore grip for heightened sensation and bite detection.


  • HR 24Ton carbon blank
  • Fuji O and L guides
  • Supplied in a cordura tube
  • EVA Grip with shrink wrap fore grip
  • Rubber push on butt cap
  • Rated 2-4oz

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Penn Rampage Boat Rods

New from Penn, the Rampage Boat feature four models in the range, covering the 12-20lb, 20-30lb, and 30-50lb line classes as well as an 8ft2in 20-30lb class specifically designed for use with zero-stretch braided lines.

The Rampage Boat rods are constructed to the highest standards from a special mix of 24-ton carbon, and feature lightweight, slim diameter blanks with a modern fast action, sensitive tips and oodles of power to handle even the toughest fighting fish.

All models are fitted with Fuji O rings, an EVA fore grip and aluminium reel seat. The 3 Boat models come in a super-convenient 4 piece construction for maximum portability. The Braid Boat features a 2-piece construction built around a supple tip and upper mid for maximum shock-absorption when using no-stretch braids, with a stiff, powerful lower-mid and butt for ultimate power in the fight.


  • HR 24Ton Carbon Blank
  • Convenient 4piece construction (2piece on Braid Boat)
  • Supplied in protective cordura tube
  • EVA grip
  • Rubber push on butt cap

Buy The Penn Rampage Boat Rods

Penn-Rampage-Boat-RodsThe prices in the range start at £69.99 for the boat rods and go up to £124.99 for the beach rods, however with rods that look, feel and perform like rods twice that price, they still offer fantastic value for money.

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