Thursday Focus- Trakker Nitelife Headtorch 120 & Trakker Nitelife 580 Zoom

Light It Up With Trakker

Even in summer, evening sessions don’t last forever. The light fades to dusk, and then to night, just as it does at any other time of the year.  That’s why now is the perfect time to grab yourself a practical headtorch from Trakker, and the opportunity to keep your summer sessions going long after the sun’s gone in!

Trakker Nitelife Headtorch 120

Simple, but does the job; this easy to wear head torch gives you up to 120 lumens of white LED light, with additional twin 3mm red LEDs helping to maintain and balance your night vision, and allowing you to see the bankside clearly without spooking your quarry.  A diffusing beam on the rear LED light softens the glow of your head torch, ensuring that a soft presence and subtle approach is never off the cards, no matter how active you find yourself needing to be during the hours of darkness.

This comfortable little head torch is fully charged in just two hours, and has the added advantage of being waterproof – so, if you do fumble while running to the rods, a quick dunk in the lake shouldn’t do it too much harm – we don’t recommend swimming while wearing it, though!

Intelligent circuitry protects against accidental overcharging, while two distinct flashing patterns on the rear light let you know when your battery’s about to run low.

The Trakker Nitelife Headtorch 120 weighs just 77g, and comes with a micro USB charging cable, so you can plug it into your bankside power pack, and be fully charged in no time.

Key Features:

. 120 lumens white LED light

. 3mm twin red LEDs for night vision

. Waterproof

. Comfortable to wear

. Supplied with USB charging cable

. Charged in 2hrs

. Weighs 77g

Buy the Trakker Nitelife Headtorch 120 here




Trakker Nitelife 580 Zoom

A big beast of the headtorch world, this night fishing essential gives you an impressive 580 lumens of light, and allows you to adjust the beam of your headtorch, depending on whether you need to see as much of the bank as possible, or want to focus in detail on one particular point – perhaps some activity in the water that might be a larger carp, for instance.

An additional red LED with diffuser lens allows you to maintain both clear sight, and a stealthy approach, when using a night vision option is more prudent.

Five unique beam settings cover just about every session eventuality, while you can choose to switch out to 3 AAA batteries (which you’ll need to buy separately) if you simply don’t have the time to wait for the 580 Zoom Headtorch to recharge – its lithium-ion battery is fully rechargeable, but the option of using standard batteries means you can keep fishing a little bit longer.

When you need to change the kind of lighting your head torch provides, simply twist the lens to switch to a different setting.

Key Features:

. 580 lumens white LED

. Additional diffused red LED for night vision

. Five lighting settings, including focused spot and wide angle

. Simply twist the lens to find the setting you need

. Lithium ion rechargeable battery pack included

. Can also run from 3 AAA batteries (not supplied.)

. Easy to wear and use

Buy the Trakker Nitelife 580 Zoom here



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