Thursday Focus- Browning Xitan Advance Z16L

The Browning Xitan Advance Z16L has been designed to be an all-round competition pole, capable of adjusting to any match situation, regulation or target species. Pole fishing is most match anglers go-to method, larger poles give you the scope to fish the entirety of your swim, especially when you’re on a canal or snake lake with an angler either side of you and you need to use the far bank, the main drag and your near margin all in the same session. The Xitan Advance is no different, being a Browning product, you can be safe in the knowledge you are purchasing a quality product from a brand that have become synonymous with match angling success.

Browning take pole production very seriously, utilising several unique technologies to ensure Browning poles are top of the range. The Nano-Carbon construction Browning use creates a strong, light, but not brittle pole, coupled with the Overwrapped Joint technology Browning utilise to combat chipping and increase hoop strength you can be sure that you are investing in a quality pole to last you multiple years.

The Xitan Advance range is Browning’s flagship product and has earned the reputation of a top end pole. Super strong and long lasting, the reliability aspect of the Xitan range is what sets it apart from competitors, it also lends itself to hauling in bigger match winning carp.

The Z16L is a true length 16m pole - without needing mini-extensions or extra-long top kits to reach its full length.  With the unique Ergonomic Pole Protector fitted the pole measures 16.7m, with further extensions available to 18m+. For length restricted events, the Z16L can be setup to be a full 13m pole.

The Z16L includes a radical new Multi-length top kit design which allows the same kit to be used as a conventional 2.6m two-piece kit, or as a 1.95m one-piece kit - perfect for F1's, fishing shallow or using short lengths of elastics for silverfish. However, even when used as a 1-piece kit the Z16L still reaches a true 16m. The Multi kit is an ultra-stiff top kit that meets every need.

The Xitan Z12 and Z14 built deserved reputations as totally reliable, strong and long-lasting competition poles that do everything, and anything asked of them – repeatedly. The Z16L continues this story with the advantages of the latest carbon technology and design innovation unique to Browning poles.

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