Wednesday Review… Aqua Buoyant Weigh Sling

Aqua Products Buoyant Weigh Sling
Reviewed by Total Carp Fishing Magazine…

Aqua Buoyant Weigh Sling Review

Fish care is paramount and the less time we manhandle our captures the better.

Evolved from Aqua's well-established safety weigh sling, which has literally sold thousands over the years, comes the upgraded buoyant weigh sling. With an important element of buoyancy, this fully functional weigh sling can now act as a temporary retainer, ensuring your quarry is safe while you prepare for photos.


With cleverly designed zips either side, the sling is not only safe and less fiddly than conventional styles with buckles, but it aids releasing your capture directly into the water with ease and great care.

Being constructed from performance-grade Aquatexx ensures that this sling is not only durable and fast drying but also cosmetically pleasing.

Key Features
- Developed using performance grade Aquatexx
- Ensures that the weigh sling is fast drying and functional
- Cosmetically pleasing on the eye
- A clever zip feature
- No fiddly buckles to deal with
- Secure cord with bank stick fittings
- Safety has been well thought through
- Less man-handling
- Less chance of damage to the fish
- Suitable for fish up to 40lb
- Comes supplied in its own stink sleeve
- Size 1060mm (w) x 620mm (h) x 480mm (d)

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