Trot On & Alliance Charter Fishing Report – July


Trot On and Alliance: Whitby Summer Festival Report

Like the rest of the country, we’ve enjoyed some of the sweltering weather over the past few weeks and it’s made a nice change to be out on Alliance and Trot On with the sun on our backs rather than our rain-macs on!

The Whitby Summer Charter Festival has just drawn to a close and, although unfortunately neither Alliance nor Trot On managed to win the main prize, it was another fantastic year. We managed plenty of daily prizes and we placed in most sections, seeing cod up to 15.8lbs, ling to 16lbs, and plenty of pollock in shallow water. The shallow water fishing has been great fun and we’ve enjoyed using the light rods and reels which Angling Direct has provided. We’ve got lots of positive feedback from all of our anglers, most of whom are experienced coarse anglers so are novices to sea fishing. It’s been great to see so many first-time sea anglers on the boats this year and we hope to see them back again later on in the season.


During the festival we do tend to focus on big fish hunting, using 10/0 hooks and full mackerel flappers – the works! Some fish have been taken on shads too, but we’ve focussed on our favourite ‘slack tides, big baits, big fish’ philosophy and it seems to have been paying off! We also work the wrecks differently in festival season and we often stay on it longer than we would if we were shadding. On the first few drifts we get the blood, guts, and scent in and around the wreck, hoping that the bigger fish poke there noses out, before going all in. Overall it was another great festival!

Outside of the festival, which always draws a huge amount of boats into the water, fishing over the last month has been fairly steady, too, and we can be confident that we’re going to see between 50 and 70 fish each day.

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