Trot On & Alliance Charter Fishing Report – December

Over the last month or so the in-shore up-tide fishing from Whitby has been absolutely fantastic and already this season has been miles better than the last couple, which is obviously great for us anglers. With the way Whitby is positioned on the coast it means it gets plenty of the big Northerly Winter swells and this year there’s already been quite a few, which is great for the fishing. This winter storms really stir up the bottom and turn the water a nice chocolate colour - perfect for the fish!

If you can plan your sessions just as the swell/storm subsides you can often be in for some really good fishing and already this year we’ve seen plenty of fish up to 10lb, with plenty in the 4-5lb bracket. It’s been that productive that 40lb+ bags of Codling haven’t been uncommon. With the large number of fish being caught we’ve been heavily promoting catch and release to try and protect as many as we can for the future.

As we move into January, traditionally a time when the temperature drops, we stand the best chance of landing the biggest fish, as the big girls normally move closer in-shore to feed. For me January has always been a good month and I’ve personally had fish to over 20lb from the shore and bags of over 75lb when up-tiding afloat.

The best bait to tempt the bigger fish is crab cart, which for many years has almost been a bit of a local secret. Failing that a whole ‘Dirty Squid’ fished on it’s own, is very effective and so is frozen black lugworm and mussel, especially when the weather is really cold.

If you want to book on for a few days fishing you can contact either of the skippers of our two charter boats.

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Contact Paul for a trip out on Trot On: 07766995847
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