Wednesday Review - Guru Feeders

Knowledge Is Power

Guru certainly live up to their brand mantra, ensuring that every product they create is crafted with the knowledge of the discipline it will be applied to, the habits and techniques of anglers, and the attitudes and responses of fish. Nowhere is this more evident than in their comprehensive range of feeders, designed with match anglers in mind, but styled to suit a variety of venues, species, and tactics. However you like your bait in the morning (or the evening, or mid-afternoon...) there'll be a Guru feeder to suit you, and ensure that the only swim worth paying attention to, from the fishes' point of view, is yours.

All of Guru's feeders have been tried and tested by pro anglers, across a variety of different venues, which ensures you're never just getting one person's opinion; you're getting tried and tested performance that's designed to work anywhere.

What's On Offer?

Guru don't just create a basic feeder, then sit back and wait for the profits to roll in. These guys can't help but take something good, and make it great by creating variations of it that can be applied to different venues, different techniques, and different species of fish. Whatever kind of angler you are, Guru are committed to ensuring that there's a feeder in their range to suit you.

We'll take time out to have a look at a handful of Guru's most popular and functional feeders – hopefully, you'll quickly spot the one that suits your angling approach!

Guru X-Safe Method Feeder

One cast with a Guru Method Feeder, and you’ll understand why it’s shaped like it is. With long, stable casts made a genuine priority during design and build, Guru found that a weight-forward design was the best way to deliver their angling performance ambition

Cutting through crosswinds like a dart, this feeder allows you to consistently hit the spot, effortlessly building your swim. Designed by pro angler Steve Ringer to blend perfectly with almost any lake bed, the feeder's colour is there for function, not just aesthetics. The unique X-Safe elastic system acts as a buffer during the fight, helping to reduce hook pulls at the net. Not only that, but thanks to the innovative design, it’s 100 per cent safe for the fish. Should you lose a fish and leave it attached to the feeder, the elastic will simply pull free, allowing the fish to ditch the feeder. The Method feeders are available in four sizes, and all sizes of feeder are completely interchangeable. Spare elastics and tubes are available separately.

Designed for use with the X-Press Method Mould, this feeder is a dynamic revolution for anglers who like traditional method feeders. A little smaller than some other feeders on the market, its size makes it perfect for winter fishing, ensuring you don't waste bait when fish, especially carp, are reluctant to feed.

With comments along the lines of “just what angling needed”, and “a great bit of kit”, Guru have certainly delivered with this feeder – why not buy yourself one, and see what all the fuss is about?

Key Features
- All new design
- X Safe elastic system prevents tethering
- Hook bait platform
- X Shape Solid Vented Arms
- Weight forward loading
- Interchangeable feeder system
- Tail Rubber
- Use in conjunction with the Guru X-Press Method Moulds;

Buy the Guru X-Safe Method Feeder here



Guru Cage Feeder

With enlarged holes for better bait release, Guru haven't let the fact that cage feeders are relatively simple keep them from creating a product that delivers on each and every point, from price to performance.

Ideal for targeting marginal shallows, islands, or slower river coarse fishing, the Guru Cage Feeder can be used with a wide range of bait, including pellets, groundbait, worms, and chopped meat – at this price, you could easily buy a few, and try different bait choices at the same time; a great tactic if you're looking to suss out a new venue.

These versatile feeders come in a variety of sizes, and are great for targetting those elusive F1s on larger commercial venues, as well as being true all-rounders across the coarse and match scene.

Key Features
- Enlarged holes for quicker bait discharge
- Perfect for targeting shallow island margins or rivers
- Can be used with pellets, groundbaits, worms & meat

Buy the Guru Cage Feeder here



Guru Impact Bomb

Great for creating instant interest and attraction in your swim, these feeders release a small amount of bait on impact, bringing curious fish over to see what's going on, and presenting you with fish that are in the right frame of mind for regular intervals of contrasting, tasty bait, which should relax them enough to chance a nibble on your hookbait.

Finished in subtle, lake bed camouflage, these bomb feeders are incredibly easy to use – just squeeze your bait into the central cavity, and go.

Suitable for use with groundbait and softened pellets, these feeders are available in a range of sizes to suit your angling needs.

Key Features
- Deposits small amounts of your bait on impact
- Simply squeeze feed into centre cavity
- Commercial camo finish
- Suitable for use with softened pellets and groundbait
- Available in: 2/3oz, 1.1oz, 1.5oz or 2oz

Buy the Guru Impact Bomb here 



Go All The Way With Guru

These feeders are just a small sample of the wide range of options that Guru offer. Why not take a look at the full Guru range, and see what's there that would suit your fishing?


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