Thursday Focus- Wychwood Exorcist Reel


Do You Need An Exorcist?

If the spirits of all the ones that got away are starting to haunt you, then Wychwood can offer you the assistance of the Exorcist, a classically styled reel that's crafted to work the perfect cast on any large venue at home or abroad, putting you in the perfect position to lay those carpy ghosts to rest.

The aluminium spool is optimised to go the distance, channelling the magic of your most ambitious casts so that it hits home, and brings those haunting hopes firmly to the bank, and set your spirits soaring.

Small but perfectly formed, the Exorcist features a reduced body size, with reduced inertia front drag, which ensures that the good stuff of optimal power is still packed into the smaller size, giving you the balanced feel you want, with the distance performance you need. Designed to almost float over the water, this is a reel with spirit, and a Siren's allure.

Instant anti-reverse, and 11 ball bearings, make for a smooth, focused action, echoing the movements and challenges of the fish, and ensuring your session goes swimmingly, wherever you're fishing, and whatever species you're pursuing.

A freespin reel with micro-adjustment, this is an easy action reel that puts angling success in everyone's path, whatever your level of experience.  Lay your line down with exceptional accuracy, thanks to the oversized line roller.

Crafting carp angling perfection, the Exorcist ensures that the demons of the deep are readily tamed, and brought under your command on each and every venue you fish.

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