Thursday Focus- Trakker Tempest XL Utility Front

Do More Under Cover

 The Trakker Tempest XL Utility Front is a simple way to add extra working space to your Tempest bivvy.  Perfect for campaign and long-stay carp anglers, the utility front turns your shelter into a practical, fully protected home from home, giving you the room you need to work on rigs, make custom bait offerings, repair waders or tackle, and a whole host of other angling chores, all without getting wet, or having to leave your swim.

Frame supports ensure that, just like your Tempest bivvy, the utility front can be relied upon to withstand extreme weather, including high winds, while the practical option of creating a letter box style opening with the dual-zip doors means you can fish effectively in a downpour, whilst remaining dry and comfortable; if you're a fair weather angler who's looking to be more, the Tempest bivvy fitted with an XL utility front could be a great way to step out of your comfort zone. For hardened carpers, this utility front, paired with the Trakker Tempest shelter, ensures you can stay out on the bank as long as it takes to achieve your angling ambitions.

If a friend or family member decides to join you at the last minute, the Trakker Tempest XL Utility Front quickly turns your Tempest bivvy into a two-man shelter, with plenty of space, quality comfort, and all-weather protection.

Supplied as a solid green option, the door panel can also be used with a clear panel, which gives you full sight of the water, without having to step outside your shelter. In good weather and during summer sessions, the door and side panels can be tied back, bringing the lakeside to your doorstep, and allowing you to relax and enjoy every moment of your angling experience – and get the kettle on, and your chairs set up when things are quiet, and it's time for a brew!

Coming in at 320cm x 105cm x 145cm, and supplied with heavy duty ground pegs and dual rod straps, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find this utility front weighs just  6.3kg, giving you extra space and extra protection with no extra bulk.

There's also the option of purchasing a groundsheet that's designed for the XL utility front, giving you complete comfort, and practical convenience.

Key Features

 . Weighs just 6.3kg

. 320cm x 105cm x 145cm

. Turns the Trakker Tempest bivvy into a 2man shelter

. Extra working space for solo anglers

. Frame supports for all-weather protection and stability

. Dual rod straps

. Supplied with heavy duty ground pegs


Buy the Trakker Tempest XL Utility Front here




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