Advanta Saturday- The Advanta Protector Beach Shelter

On Your Marks For Angling Advantage

 While Advanta may be better known as a carp brand, a lot of work has been put in to creating tackle ranges for all disciplines, including sea fishing.  Offering something for every angler, the Advanta advantage is ready to be brought to bear on every aspect of your angling life, including the wild challenges that sea fishing and beach casting present.

Coastal Protection From Advanta

The Advanta Protector Beach Shelter is a shore angler's essential, giving you a convenient way to keep your bait, tackle, and yourself sheltered from the elements, and the option of having somewhere to sit back with a brew once your rods are set up, and while you wait for the action to get into gear.

With extended skirts giving greater protection, and creating a larger internal space, this bright beach shelter is fully wind and waterproof, offering exceptional strength against the elements, and durable protection for anglers and tackle alike, whilst still remaining lightweight, easy to transport, and quick to set up.

At 230cm x 130cm x 140cm, a wide front allows for quick entry and exit – perfect when you need to get in from a sudden storm, or out to your rods to land what could be a shore-caught pb.  The Advanta Protector Beach Shelter is supplied in a convenient carry bag, that makes it easy to walk out to your favourite spot of shoreline.

The shelter's bright, highly visible red colour ensures you'll always keep it in sight, no matter how much the sky around you darkens during a day spent fishing from the shore.  Pack it in the car when you're heading off on holiday, or keep it by the front door if you're lucky enough to live within easy reach of the beach, and enjoy sea fishing any time of year.

Key Features

. 230cm x 130cm x 140cm

. Lightweight yet robust

. Wide front for easy entry and exit

. Extended skirts

. Bright and visible

. Supplied in a carry bag

. Beach fishing essential


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