Advanta Saturday- Advanta X5 Carp Finesse

The Advantage Of Finesse

Designed for match fishing, and crafted for performance, the Advanta X5 Carp Finesse float range brings together traditional float fishing tactics, and contemporary design to create a thoroughly modern float range that will give you a reliable, enjoyable angling experience through all your match sessions and tournaments, including venues stocked with match-sized carp and F1s.

An ideal choice for speed fishing, the wire stem on these tapered floats has them sitting up quickly in the water, ready to give you instant bite indication. A high-vis tip helps you keep the float in sight when you're fishing heavily coloured water, or low light conditions, while the friction-free finish gives a smooth performance in every situation.

Weighted from 0.2g to 0.5g, with a glass filled bristle for exceptional sensitivity, the X5 Carp Finesse floats from Advanta are a match angling essential – add a selection of these floats at all weights to your tackle box, and be ready for anything next time you head out for a match.

Carp Greater Finesse With The X5 Silver Finesse

Offering a finer, fibreglass tip than the speed-fishing designed X5 Carp Finesse option, these match fishing floats from Advanta are ideal for targeting silver fish on drains, canals, and smaller lakes, and make a great choice for pleasure anglers. Set them up on tight lines strung with micro shot, and look forward to instant bite indication.

Weighted from 0.1g to 0.4g, these lightweight floats are just as durable as the slightly larger carp option, and equally as effective in your tackle kit.

Key Features: Advanta X5 Carp Finesse

. Wire stem

. Tapered body

. Glass tip

. Weights from 0.2g-0.5g

. Ideal for speed fishing

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