Tackle Tuesday- Okuma Interceptor IT60 Reel

Based in Taiwan, Okuma is a fishing rods and reels manufacturer and has been since 1986. Okuma produce quality and affordable fishing equipment - such as Fly Rods, Float Rods, and Spinning Rods; fishing reels including Spinning, Baitcast, Trolling, and Fly reels. With 31 years of experience, Okuma delivers excellent quality fishing rods and reels and would be a welcome addition to your tackle box.

The Interceptor IT60 Reel has a slim blade corrosion-resistant graphite body, meaning it will withstand the rigours of sea fishing, namely the saltwater, corrosion will not be an issue with the IT60 Interceptor reel from Okuma. In addition, the hydro block system obstructs saltwater and foreign materials from entering the system, ensuring the drag washers always operate at optimal performance. Also, the worm shaft transmission system strengthens the construction, giving the reel more rigidity on retrieve, it also aids line lay and helps to minimise tangles.

For quick retrieve, the reel features a fast progressive drag as well as a quick set infinite anti-reverse system. When the anti-reverse option is enabled, you cannot roll the reel backwards this helps to avoid tangles in your line. This also allows you to control the tension on the line, preventing the tension from getting too tight and snapping the line completely and losing a fish. Switching off this function then allows you to strike and play the fish on the standard drag system. The fast progressive drag also makes the catching of fish effective with the self-hooking and anti-eject method.

The reel includes three ball bearings which offer an incredible reduction in friction between the moving parts, as well as one roller bearing within the roller, making this a very smooth and stable reel. The roller is also of even flow roller which utilizes a ball bearing under the line roller to maximize efficiency. This roller helps reduce line twists by freely rolling over the line roller without friction. Without this system, the line will naturally twist when drag is pulled.

The spool is made from machine cut aluminium and the reel comes with graphite spare spool that offers a back-up system or a second option in terms of line. The TPE T-Shape handle knob, makes the rigid metal handle easy to grip when pulling in a fish.

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