Thursday Focus- Fox Ultra 60 Camo Brolly System

Need some shade from the sun or a quick bit of shelter for the unpredictable downpours? We, here at Angling Direct have the perfect suggestion!

Fox have become a leading name in the angling world, thanks mainly to their relentless focus on creating quality products to address genuine angling needs. With their fishing brollies and brolly systems, the days of shivering by the bank in a downpour, with surrounding trees never really providing adequate shelter, are long gone; where glamping is just starting to venture, angling went first, with a defiant certainty that the sport of fishing should be fun, and comfortable, rather than one long series of battles against nature and the elements.

Not much different in size to a 12 foot rod in your car’s boot, the Ultra 60 system can be compacted down to ensure easy storage and transportation to the bank. The Fox camouflage patterned brolly system will keep you hidden when stalking those monster carps.

With a short-threaded centre pole for maximum stability, and a 60-inch frame made from 8mm fibreglass, this is a practical fishing accessory which will look good on the bank, and help ensure nothing spoils your session, however long you’re out for. As most brolly systems are a few hours and maybe one night stays, this secure system ensures warmth and stability to withstand high winds and downpours. It will ensure you will sleep through until that glorious sunrise to start your session.

A quality brolly system designed to perfectly complement the Fox Ultra range, this brolly system zips fully to the front of the Ultra 60 Brolly, forming a secure, weatherproof shelter, tested at 20,000 HH. The brolly system has three door options, each with two-way zips. The front door panel has a side mozzy mesh vent, and there are also rear mozzy mesh vents, so you’re fully protected from irritating insects. The Ultra 60 also comes with a groundsheet to ensure your luggage and bedchair stays clean and damp-free.

As with the Ultra 60 Brolly, a removable inner vapour shield is included; this can be left attached when packing up the Fox brolly system and helps reduce condensation which was an original Fox design from its 1993 Ultra Module system. It does not stop there! The extended side skirts also ensure complete protection from the surrounding elements and the drainpipe on the peak of the shelter prevents water dripping off the front and instead diverted down the side of the bivvy.

If you are a fan of winter fishing, then this addition to your Fox Ultra 60 Camo brolly is a must, giving you complete, all round protection from the elements, and ensuring your only complaint is how few fish are biting.

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