Tackle Tuesday- Fortis Wraps Bifocal +2.00

 Fortis Eyewear produces fashionable polarised sunglasses to help your vision penetrate the water further and aid your ability to see carp in the margins and baiting spots. Fortis glasses are specially designed for fishing, as the polarised lenses not only offer outstanding protection from harmful ultraviolet light but also reduces eye strain when in any light level.

 These bestselling Fortis Wraps fit perfectly around the face, eliminating unwanted light creeping through the side of the sunglasses, the Bifocal sunglasses are designed to block any penetrating light which is incorporated in the side of the lenses for total 180-degree peripheral vision.

The Fortis wrap sunglasses also feature soft rubber inserts on the frame arms which ensure these frames don’t slip off your head when whilst you’re rushing around the bank setting up your scales and camera for a photo with your latest catch. The frames are also shaped to maximise comfort with a unique vent system at the top of the frame which increases airflow and preventing mist or fog condensation build-up and obstruction your vision such as when pushing a barrow or climbing a tree to spot fish. The stylish matte black flexible lightweight frame also means they can be worn all day long comfortably.

The Wraps Bifocal +2.00 Polarized Sunglasses offers a +2.00 magnified segment to allow angler’s not only perfect vision when fish spotting but also the ability to see items up close. This magnified segment enhances fiddly jobs such as tying knots/flies or sharpening hooks. The +2.00 magnification essentially doubles the size of the objects you put in front of it, ideal for tying rigs whilst on the bank. The sunglasses also include Fortis’s Switch technology that allows the lenses to darken substantially in response to UV light. These Fortis switch sunglasses also include photochromic lenses that adapt to any weather condition.

For vision that helps you focus on small items, dark waters and protection from UV light, look no further than a pair of Fortis Wrap glasses.

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