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Fishing The Pellet Feeder For Carp

Fishing The Pellet Feeder For Carp

Fishing The Pellet Feeder For Carp

For this latest episode we ventured down to Hinderclay Lakes with the idea of trying to catch a few fish on the Method Feeder, however with cool overnight temperatures we decided to change tactics and opted, for the sometimes forgotten method, the Pellet Feeder.

The principle behind this method is very simple and in reality the set-up and rig is no different from the method feeder, however in the cooler months it can be a lethal fish catching tool, for numerous reasons, the main being it allows you to present less free offerings in your swim. Rather than using hundreds of micro Pellets and/or groundbait particles, you can present a handful of 4mm’s very effectively and achieve a better bait presentation, for the times when the fish aren’t really ‘having’ it.

Fishing The Pellet Feeder For Carp 2

The swim we choose gave us plenty of options; fishing in the middle of an unusually shaped island we had three or four spots that looked ideal for a few fish. Features like islands, especially corners of them, are ideal ambush points and you will often find fish patrol such areas many time throughout the course of a day. It’s also worth noting that when you fish close to an island, you are often fishing in relatively shallow water of 3-6ft, which of course warms up quicker than water 8-12ft deep.

To see how exactly we like to fish the Pellet Feeder and to see how we fared, watch the latest episode below.

As always we hope you find the video both informative and entertaining and of course feel free to leave us any questions, comments or feedback.

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Daiwa Team Daiwa Match D Reel 3012
Preston Landing Net Handle
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Preston Telescopic Feeder Arm
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