Black Friday 2018- Tackle Tuesday

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Black Friday 2018- Tackle Tuesday


Here at Angling Direct, we're jumping the Black Friday gun, and bringing our valued customers a host of impressive, limited-time-only early bird deals, so you can get a head start on your seasonal saving, and hear the jingling notes of extra Christmas cash in your pockets.

Today's tempting treats bring you carpy comfort with a splash of the sea; get  your hands on these stand out deals today, and ensure you're ready for anything as the holiday season gets under way, and the piscatorial pay offs for shivering at the water's edge start to issue the siren calls that few anglers can resist

Angling Direct exclusives, cunning carp fishing comfort, and deals that bring you bankside bests for well under £100 – there's plenty to get your wallet hand twitching this Tuesday.

JRC Stealth Excel Bedchair


Everything comes to those who wait, and with 25% off this well-padded, sturdy bedchair, you'll have plenty of money to put towards a full-season sleeping bag, allowing you to wrap up warm on the bank, and enjoy the glow of savings success ahead of the Black Friday madness.

Perfect for those who enjoy an overnight session of carp fishing, the JRC Stealth Excel offers spacious dimensions of 210cm x 85cm x 45cm, yet will fit inside almost any bivvy or shelter, ensuring you’ll be protected against the elements, and get a comfortable and restful night’s sleep. A padded, breathable mattress sits on an aerospace grade frame, which links a lightweight strength to fully adjustable legs that can cope with any bankside terrain.

Classically carpy, this deeply padded bedchair is the perfect choice for enjoying those winter nights in comfort as you lie back, and think of the money you saved by buying today from Angling Direct.

Advanta Discovery CX Aluminium Frying Pan 


Cook up a storm with a tasty 50% off for one day only, bringing you the breakfast-bashing brilliance of this 187mm diameter frying pan for just £3.75; under a fiver, and the cheapest breakfast on the bank!

Weighing just 7oz, this frying pan is an ideal option for anglers who like to travel light, but still want to get the day off to a satisfying start. Made from aluminium alloy, this frying pan sits perfectly on top of a Discovery stove, frying up the perfect fuel for an active day's angling in no time, and setting you up for success wherever you find yourself.

Shimano Aero Surf Line


Sea anglers can cast out full performance at half price, with 50% off this strong, durable line. High knot strength, extreme abrasion resistance, and a clear colour that disappears below the water, meaning your wild and wary quarry won't get spooked, this sea fishing line comes in a choice of breaking strains, allowing you to load up for your preferred pursuit with the peace of mind of knowing your line is strong enough to handle anything that takes your bait

With a one-day opportunity to grab this impressive line for just a fiver, take the opportunity to load up ahead of your winter cod fishing, and make sure you've got the strength for heavy hauling through foaming winter surf.

Clear line, and a clear saving; this is an offer that's not to be missed, so strike now, and get set for winter sea fishing – the perfect festive escape.

Sonik Vader X FS Reel


Exclusive to Angling Direct, this strikingly styled reel is a must-have for the image-conscious carp angler looking to load up on performance perfection.  For one day only, Angling Direct is offering this reel at 25% off, bringing you a £50 reel for just £37.49, and getting the Black Friday saving spree started early – so you can head out to the bank for the chance of a stunning specimen carp while everyone else is crowding into the shops for the chance of a worthwhile saving.

Providing reliable, powerful performance and genuine value for money, the Vader X FS comes with two CNC machined aluminium spare spools. A micro adjust front drag, and a highly effective 5:5:1 gear ratio give you hours of happy hauling, that you can rely on session after session, even in the most challenging conditions, while the stainless steel main shaft won't let you down, no matter how heavy duty your session gets. Big carp? Small beer to this highly effective, affordable reel that's tailored for performance, and crafted for light, balanced presentation, handling, and action; the 500 size Vader X comes in at just 430g, while the larger 600 size is just 455g, meaning that you can fish comfortably all day long, and spend a happy stalking session without being bothered by the weight of your reel.

Classic style, contemporary substance, and the satisfying sound of money saved – strike now, and enjoy the feel of casting out with a powerhouse of a reel that can be yours for under £40.  This offer can't last forever, so make sure you reel yours in now.

Advanta RSB Beachcaster 12FT 4-8oz


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