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Sean cully
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Predator Fishing Category

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    Sean cully

    Wels Catfish

    70lb 8oz and 71lb

    Shimano longcast (large), 25lb berkley big game, freespirt tamer-s bank cat 11ft, msr rig and pay rig.

    This is my first season of targeting the wels catfish, i was on PB of 53lb caught from a runs water down in essex, then i was told about this particular notoriously hard large lake in the midlands (close to my home) that only had a few cats in it (15-20ish) but they are all of respectable size. So along with my friend paul we took a trip there expecting to just have a nice 48h session in the sun shine, but maybe with a little luck we'd hook into one of the beasts. I picked my peg and popped up the bivvy. The water was crystal clear so i thought i'd fish a MSR rig with a pair of leeches on the surface on my middle rod, a squid popped up 4ft off the bottom using a PA rig on my right hand rod and 2x hair rigged 22mm halibut pellets on the left hand rod. with that i thought that's all levels covered with a good variation of baits, with all 3 rods out it was time to crack open a beer sit back and see what happens.. literally a few hours after casting in i noticed the MSR rig twitching, then with a boil the rig had gone, my heart was thumping as i wound down and lifted into the fish, this was the moment i felt the power and weight of the monster i'd hooked. i knew instantly i was into a new PB, the line was pinging and the rod was bent over, "dont panic, don't panic, pump and wind, you can do this" i thought to myself. i slowly felt i was getting control over the fish and was gaining line on it, paul was stood net in hand ready to get it banked, this is when the chaos started. my right hand rod gave a good couple of bleeps, me and paul looked at each other with a look of alarm. could this really be happening a double hookup!! then it happened, it went screaming off, i said to paul "your gonna have to hook n hold it whilst i sort this one out," the first cat was clearly now ready for netting, soon as it was netted paul passed me the second rod which he was just keeping pressure on and said "round 2" and laughed, then went about putting the 1st cat in the retaining sling to recover whilst i dealt with the 2nd fish, by now my arm was in bits from the first 20mins of playing the first fish. but again i knew i was into a monster and determined to get it over the rope. 15 or so minute later we had the 2nd landed. handshakes and smiles all round. time to get them weighed out. the first fish from the msr rig weighed in at 70lb and 8oz and the second fish hit 71lb on the nose. so my pb was broken consecutively. A true red letter day and one i shall remember for ever. thanks for reading and i hope i get your votes.

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