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King Of The Catch 2018 Winners

Keith Desmond

King Entry Winner

Votes 933
  • NAME: Keith Desmond
  • SPECIES: Carp
  • WEIGHT: 30.2lb
  • Shimano tx9,black mgs, 18 lb Exocet



Chelsie Aldridge

Queen Entry Winner

Votes 2367
  • NAME: Chelsie aldridge
  • SPECIES: 'Mandarin' Catfish
  • WEIGHT: 29lb
  • Mark Tunley dark carbon cat rods and Shimano ci4+ XTR-A LC


    After seeing my first ‘mandarin’ catfish on the bank, I made it my target to catch one for myself this season. Big Cat UK RH hybrids were the going bait for such a special fish, leaving me smiling from ear to ear.

Logan Mayes

Prince Entry Winner

Votes 1857
  • NAME: Logan Mayes
  • SPECIES: Carp
  • WEIGHT: 3lb
  • Pole


    Logan caught this lovely carp at Beechwood Fishery in Derby. He’s a super keen little fisherman that puts fish safety first. Fishing Mum x

Sophie williams

Princess Entry Winner

Votes 719
  • NAME: Sophie williams
  • SPECIES: Carp
  • WEIGHT: 15lb 8oz
  • Free spirit 8.6 margin rods


    Sophie williams is 6 years old and has been fishing since the age of 4 she’s caught carp, tench, bream, roach, chub. Perch She mostly fishers for carp but also does a lot of float fishing. She’s been learning to catch fish of all shapes and sizes as i feel you should learn how to fish properly and start from the bottom and work your way up to carp fish. She’s caught lots of carp this year at our estate lake in Weston were she’s been learning to fish. Here biggest common is 15lb 8oz caught off the bottom from manor farm were she done her first nights fishing.

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