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Daiwa Pure PTFE Bush

In stock

Key Features

  • 100% Pure PTFE
  • Custom made in the UK
  • Designed for Daiwa UK poles
  • Speedy section assembly
  • Joint edge protection
  • Push and click fit on the nose cones
  • 1 per packet
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DPTFE2.4 Size: 2.4mm
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DPTFE1.6 Size: 1.6mm
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RRP: £3.25 Saving 48%

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Discontinued product items
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Daiwa Pure PTFE Bush, Using Pure PTFE this selection of nose cones and bushes will transform your poles performance with speed of section assembly and elastic travel. Custom designed in the UK to fit Daiwa pole sections nose cones will push and click perfectly into the No3, 4, 5, 6*, 7, 8 & 9s. (*Except current and previous Whisker #6). The chamfer rounded edge ensures easier pole assembly and joint edge. The nose cone for the No3 section also assists with even smoother elastic movement and importantly protects the elastic when kits are folded for storage. For tips we offer one size for the No2 section in two diameters; one for solid elastics up to No8 and one for Hydrolastic up to Black. Also available is a 1.6mm bush to accommodate smaller elastics for silver fish work, a 2.4mm bush that will take up to a Pink Hydrolastic and a clever Big Bore Power bush which allows you to cut your BBPK1 power kit to the same length as a match No2. This will be ideal for all your big fish work and takes elastic up to a Red Hydro. Compatible Poles: APXLS, WPXLS*, AIRP, DAP, TNPX, WKP, CNGP, TAP, TTP, SPP, SCP, EA, WKP*, WAT, CPP, CNP, TDRP, WHP, CRP, MWP. Please ensure your section is free from any cracks before fitting. The PTFE uses tension to obtain grip.
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