Avid Carp Fishing Tackle

Avid Carp is one of the newer brands on the market and was established in 2009. However, don’t let its age fool you into thinking that it won’t be producing top of the range tackle. The youthfulness of Avid Carp is its greatest asset as it encourages fresh thinking in an old industry and isn’t afraid of new ideas. Avid Carp prides itself on its innovation and its ability to take an old tired concept and transform it into something new and exciting with the help of an Avid Carp twist.

Avid Carp’s ethos is all about producing carp fishing tackle that will take your fishing to the next level. It understands that, in order for you to be able to grow as an angler, you need to have gear that enables growth and skill development rather than stifles it. Avid Carp firmly believes that the only way to create tackle like that is to innovate, because new tackle forces the angler to develop their skills whereas by using the same old tackle time and time again you will rely on the same old tricks: fish are always learning, so you need to keep learning too in order to keep one step ahead of the game. Carp angling has no final level that you can complete, so you can only get better and keep improving, so the tackle that Avid produces keeps improving too.

However, Avid also realises that you need tackle that you can rely on. All its products are put through a rigorous testing process, led by a team of its very own pro anglers. Their input is essential in order for Avid Carp to produce tackle for the anglers of tomorrow. It also ensures that all of its tackle is produced to perform on the bank, so you can concentrate on fishing rather than worrying about your tackle. With an impressive range that spans everything from terminal tackle, rods, and reels, to luggage and fish care products, Avid has all bases covered to ensure you can fish to your very best.

Avid Carp has a comprehensive ‘How To’ section on its website, featuring articles from its premier team of consultants in order for you to get the most out of your tackle. They are literally imparting years, often decades, worth of experience in these short articles – they have done all the trial and error for you and are providing you with the information that you need to come out on top. This section also demonstrates some of Avid Carp’s newest gear, so you can always be up to date with the latest equipment.

Avid Carp has also produces a yearly magazine, Next Level Carp Fishing – an 84 page annual which charts the previous angling year to deliver you with the best stories from the past 365 days. The magazine journals all aspects of carp fishing, so there really is something for everyone inside. It also features articles from Avid Carp’s top level team of pro-anglers, providing tactics that will see you through the next angling year. The magazine previews a selection of Avid Carp’s new range so you know what to look out for in the coming months. As well as the words of wisdom, the magazine features stunning photography that will transport you to the edge of the bank.

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